Hello, loves!

If you're by any chance reading this post, you might think that this is an abandoned blog with an irresponsible middle-aged woman with 38 dogs living alone in a house trying to get out of her boring life by writing a blog only to find that writing a blog is actually no-her-thing behind it. It is not. Close. But not quite.

You might also are an old followers looking at the reading roll in blogger and saying to yourself "Damn, I thought this blogger is dead." And not just talking about my blog, but also my existence. Like dead, dead. Not even close.

You might also see that this blog is changing it's theme every time you press the refresh button (if you do, please darling, find something else to do).

If you are one of the above, chances are I'm in the middle of redesigning this blog, so please bear with me on this painful yet refreshing process. I will be back blogging once I'm settled with my design of choice.

If AND ONLY IF by any miracle you are a website designer based on blogger platform and willing to have a needy, semi idealistic client with sarcastic sense of humor and a lack of social skill due to over-browsing YouTube under the keyword "Corgi Belly Flops", please shoot me an email to We might be a match made in heaven, you never know.

Until then,

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