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So, a few days back I was contacted to do a blind review test in which I will be reviewing a product without even knowing the brand of the product itself. This is a new experience for me, but being me, you know I'd jump at anything new and sounds exciting for me, so I agreed to do the blind review test!

I literally have no information whatsoever regarding this product, and that's what makes it much more interesting! All that I know is that this mascara is Sephora-worthy, and that you can track me and other beauty bloggers' experience with it using the hashtag #rollwithindo.


Since this is a blind test review, the company sent me a plain mascara bottle with nothing whatsoever written on it. I can't comment much on this perspective, I guess.

I probably have already said this before, but I am going to say this again: when it comes to mascara, the wand is actually just as important as the product itself. Different types of mascara wand can create a different desired effects on your lashes, and combined with the right formula and consistency of the mascara, it is and endless combination for us to choose from!

Fun being a girl, isn't it?

For this particular mascara, the wand is actually really special. It is slightly curved, which makes it easier for us since it follow the natural curve of our eye shape. The wand itself is VERY elastic, almost springy. This is great especially for shaping your lashes to reach its maximum curl. 

It is not the usual brush mascara wand, in fact it has little plastic "spikes" which has two sides, the longer and shorter size. Personally, I use the longer side first to separate my lashes, and then continuing with the shorter side to emphasize the volume of my lashes. This works mighty fine on me, and I can safely say that having two side of mascara really helps if you're looking for different looks of lashes.

As for the mascara formulation itself, I have to say that this has leaned more into the "wet" formulation kind of mascara. You can really see the peak of product accumulation on the tip of mascara wand pictured above. It stayed on my top lashes for quite some time without smudging or smearing (6 hours), but not it did not stay the same on my lower lashes (3-4 hours, give or take).

Was it a waterproof mascara? Well I tried to cry while using this mascara, and surprisingly I did not end up looking like a raccoon, so that's a huge thumbs up from me!! 

I DID NOT, however, recommend to rub your eyes after crying, because that's where you got those raccoon eyes, baby girl. Upon the first coat, it stayed on quite remarkably, but after applying the second coat, it is no longer smudge-proof as the first coat does.


The most prominent effect I personally get from this mascara is the whooping curling effect that it gives to my lashes. Below are the before-after shot of me using this mascara WITHOUT EYELASH CURLER. Look at them curl, gurl!!

This mascara has successfully lifts up my lashes and curls them beautifully, but not only that, it also makes the curls lasts. 

As for lengthening, volumizing and separation effect, it was so-so. I mean it was not the worst, but I've seen other mascara that does these effects better. I guess you just can't have it all, can you?


All in all, was I pleased with the mascara? 
It has been a staple in my daily makeup bag, so I guess you can say that I was very much pleased. I do have quite a long eyelashes to begin with, so lengthening is not really the effect I'm looking for. I believe this mascara is designed to fit the purpose of curling the lashes, that's why I really like it. The lengthening, volumizing and separating effect is not too bad, that is why I keep it on my purse daily. The longevity is quite alright with me too, although I would like it to stay longer on my lower lashes, please. 

I can't wait for the brand revelation this Mid February!! Stay tune on my social media account as I would be revealing the brand as well.

What do you think of this mascara? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!!

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