Product Review: Lipaddict Lip Treatment in 05 Sexy Seductress by I SKIN New York


First product review of 2015. Talk about postponing things I should've done long time ago.

Please bear with the inconsistent flow of posts from now on, as I am currently working on my final paper (why, yes I am graduating soon. Time flies, eh? That was what my mom said before she had to pay this semester's tuition fee.)

As of today, I am going to review a lip product *insert happy dance emoticon* by a new brand (well, at least new to me) called Lipaddict by I SKIN New York.


Comes in a reflective silver box. It claims to "Improves the appearance of lip vokume, fullness, fine lines and wrinkles without going through harsh injections. Gently conditions and hydrates, to help make lips smooth and soft.". Seems a lot like another lip-plumper product for me. 

The packaging is simple. That is all I can and will say. It's functional enough to do as a lip product, and sturdy enough for a clumsy klutz such as myself since it's made of a pretty durable plastic. It comes in a clear tube, so you can easily see the color of the product.

When it comes to lip products that resembles lip-gloss (because Lipaddict states that this is NOT a lipgloss), the applicator wand is almost as important as the product itself. Lipaddict offers a somewhat longer and slimmer doe-foot applicator than the usual. It also has a slight scoop at the center. So far, I have no problem using this applicator, and I can neatly apply the Lipaddict easily.


As for the product itself, you might think that this is another lipgloss released in the market. As stated above, this is NOT a lipgloss. This is supposed to be a lip treatment, hence you should apply it on itself, not on top of lipstick like any other lipgloss. By applying on your bare lips, the vitamins and active ingredients on this product will deliver what it has claimed for; Fuller, Plumper, Sexier Lips without injections.

Lipaddict Indonesia has been kind enough to let me try this product. There are 12 shades to choose from ranging from clear, coral, nude, red, pink, your choice!

The color Sexy Seductress happens to be the bestseller of Lipaddict. It is quite intimidating as it looks really red on the tube and it has chunk loads of glitter (not shimmer) in it. I have to say, I was skeptical at first since I already have a big lip, putting gloss-like product over it would just make it more prominent, don't you think?

The color seems to be much more sheer upon application. The glitters are obviously visible, butit's still wearable for big nights and special occassions. What i really like about this is how UNSTICKY this feels on my lips. SERIOUSLY. 

Upon application I do feel a tingling sensation on my lips (not burning), which results in the plumping and line-filling effect afterwards. The color is PERFECT for my lips. I do have a bit of discoloration on the borders of my lips, and this product can make it looks better in just one single swipe. Me likey.

To sum up, this is indeed a unique product since it claimed that it is NOT a lip gloss but more like a lip treatment, yet it still feels like a lip gloss to me? The plumping and line-filling effect happens on my lips, but I have already a big lips to start with, so yeah.. Does it make my lips pinker and younger looking afterwards? Surprisingly, yeah! But this specific shade has glitter on it, so even if I wipe the product afterwards, the glitters still stuck and that kinda sucks (unintentional rhyme).

Pricing at 550K IDR each, I would cringe and think twice to buy this. I believe there are others Lip Plumper products available with much more reasonable price, but again, if you're curious about the long term usage for the vitamins and active ingredients infused in this product, you might want to give this a shot. Me? Hehe, thanks but no thanks since having bigger lips isn't exactly what I long for on the first place. 

If you're interested, do pay a visit on their website here.

Have you tried this product? If ou have, tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!

Stay Gorgeous,

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  1. Well, it's quite expensive for a lip plumper! XD


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