The Body Shop Glazed Apple Tin of Delights Pack Review

Hello, guys!! 

I am back with another product review. Today, I am reviewing one of the new addition in the 2014 holiday collection of The Body Shop. If you haven't already, check out my event report here.

If you're curious about this new scent of The Body Shop's 2014 Holiday Collection, click Read More!!

 The Apple Tin of Delights Pack (Rp. 689.000,00) consists of 5 products all in the scent of Glazed Apple. I can only best describe the scent as a very yummy and mouth-watering candied apple scent. It still makes my mouth water just to smell it.

I believe this is one of their 2014 Holiday Collection. There are Candied Apple, Vanilla Brulee, and the other one was, I believe have something to do with Cranberries?

This is the Glazed Apple Eau de Toilette (Rp. 219.000,00), it consists of 30 ml of products, packaged in an opaque green glass bottle does remind me a lot of Christmas. The smell is something that you'll either love or hate. It's very sweet, and again, mouthwatering. It managed to stay on me for quite a long time, this has actually stick up in my perfume cabinet until this post is written.

Next is their Glazed Apple Lip Balm (Rp. 119.000, 00). It consists of 20 ml of products. While it may seems like a little amount of product, I can safely assure you this would last you at least 6 months. A little dab does go a long way, although I still prefer my other lip balm since it is much more moisturizing (Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly FTW). It smells the same like the whole Glazed Apple series, and it has that sweet flavor when you (accidentally or not-so-accidentally) lick your lips.

This is their Glazed Apple Body Polish (Rp. 129.000, 00) which is basically a shower gel with little beads in it for exfoliation.  am honestly not sure for this one... It is neither a scrub, nor a body wash.. The little beads makes you think that you should apply this on dry skin then scrub away, but this is not emollient enough.. But then again, if you're using this like the usual body gel, the beads kinda looks useless... Hmm.. 

And, you also get their Glazed Apple Bath Lily to use with the Body Polish (pictured on the right),

And finally, the probably most sought of The Body Shop; THEIR BODY BUTTER. Seriously, I think the first time I knew you need a body BUTTER for your skin, it was from The Body 
Shop. This time, the Glazed Apple Body Butter comes in the most mouthwatering (I've used this word 3 times already. Validated!) scent of product I've ever put on my skin EVER. Gosh, so good.

In terms of consistency, I might need no long description because you might've own of these already. To sum up, it's quite thick moisturizer for your skin. If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, you might have this as a staple on the bedside.

And that's it! If you ask me, this would be the perfect gift for Christmas. The price's such a deal, you get a body and lips treatment in one package, the tin can be very useful, and also, you're donating at the same time by buying these holiday packages!

This year, The Body Shop Indonesia collaborates with Wahana Visi Indonesia, partners of World Vision in Indonesia, to help unfortunate kids in Indonesia. The donation will be spent for 3B which are Buildings, Bags, and Books. 

For every The Body Shop Christmas gift purchased, you automatically donates Rp. 5.000,00 to this charity which will be sent for kids in North Halmahera, Sambas, and Merauke. You know what? Doing good deeds have never smelled so good!!

Visit The Body Shop Indonesia's website, facebook, and twitter (CLICK!) for more information of this campaign and search for nearby store.

I wish you nothing but a good holiday ahead.
Beatrix Dilla

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  1. I think The Body Shop did a good job with their Christmas collection this year. Last year's was surprisingly a let down for me, especially the ginger scent *shudders*

    Anyway, I think I will be trying out the edt because the smell is just exquisite. :)


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