Event Report: UFM Jakarta Fashion Week by Heavenly Blush, WRP, and Bow by Billy Tjong


How are you, guys? Sorry for the not-so-short hiatus, just a little update, I'm currently working on my final paper so expect some hiatus on this blog here and there. I do apologize in advance, but I'm still blogging, and I always will.

A couple days back I was invited by Female Daily to attend the Jakarta Fashion Week in Senayan City. Judging by the name of the event you can already guess what it is. 
Jakarta Fashion Week is an annual event held to celebrate the fashion industry in Jakarta. The particular event I'm reporting will be the U Rocks fashion show by Billy Tjong collaborating with WRP Diet and Heavenly Blush,

Also attending this event was the hippest Fashion Bloggers whom you might already know. Look at the crowds!!

The first collection shows a very chic collection for urban ladies with bright colors. I am such a suckers for these kinds of colors, that's why I really like it. 

The second look was called #BowforWRP it is the collection from Billy Tjong for WRP Indonesia. The collection was all in red, the signature color of WRP Indonesia. Reminds me a lot that CHRISTMAS IS COMING, GUYS! Just want to let you guys know :p

And the third collection being showed that night was #BowforHB which is Billy Tjong's collaboration with Heavenly Blush!

Heavenly Blush just released 3 new yogurt drink with new variants of flavor which is strawberry, peach, and blueberry. The #BowforHB collection revolves around these fruits' color palette.

And ending the fashion show, the super talented Lala Karmela!

Stay tune in my blog as I will be reviewing the WRP and Heavenly Blush products. 

Don't forget to visit WRP Diet's website and also Heavenly Blush Yogurt website.

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