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Oh, wow.. It's late November already. Geez.. 
First of all, I may or may not have said it before, but I hate rainy season (well, I hate rain in general, so a long period of time with frequent rains in it? No, thanks).

Which is weird, because I guess most people like rain? I don't know, me and rain we didn't get along well. Rain gives me headache, and somehow turns me into this Edith Piaf mode on some occasions (if you don't know who Edith Piaf is, EDUCATE YOURSELF).

WOW. That's a long intro. Anyways, I can already feel Christmas vibes all around, and I don't need to tell you that it is my favorite time of the year! A couple days back I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia to attend their event in Fish & Co Pacific Place. This is however, not an ordinary beauty event. Wanna know why? Click read more!

Apparently, The Body Shop has come up with the new campaign for this holiday season named "Wishes Come True"
I was very intrigued by the invitation only, but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the event.

What makes it different though, is that us beauty bloggers were accompanied by few fellas from Komunitas Kampung Makassar and Kramat Jati.

And, we also did a gift-swap!! My partner is Natasya Hutagaol, a very bright young girl with whom I have chatted a lot, and we actually really clicked. We even won the mini game during the event!

During this holiday season, The Body Shop encourages you to do some good deeds while shopping at the same time.

For every holiday gift set sold, 5.000 IDR will be donated for less fortunate kids in Indonesia!

This year, the donation will be given to 600 kids in Merauke - Papua, 3.195 kids in North Halmahera, and 74 kids in Sambas - West Kalimantan. The donation will be given to support their education which consists of 3B: Buildings, Bags, and Books.

AND The Body Shop also releases 3 holiday scents (all of which smells wonderful) which are;

Frosted Cranberry

Vanilla Brulee

Glazed Apple

And also, Gift Sets that you wouldn't want to miss out! Availability of each gift sets may vary in counters. Here's a few of the gift sets available for this holiday season!

Gift Strawberry Picks

Strawberry Gifts Lifestyle

Strawberry Ultimate Luxuries Pack

White Musk Eau De Toilette Gift Set Pack

*giggling with excitement*

So, if you do have to buy something at The Body Shop, why not buy the gift sets? Doing good deeds have never smells so good.

Visit The Body Shop Indonesia

P.S.: I am going to review one of their holiday scent products. Stay tuned!

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