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You have probably wondering about the title of this post, what the duck will I talk about when it comes to wedding? 

Well, I may be 21 years old right now, but it comes to wedding, I'm like Marion St. Claire off the Bride Wars movie. I have been planning for my own wedding ever since I could remember. I love everything about it!

Lately, I have not think about planning a wedding as much as I do back then, because browsing this humongous mess called the Internet for wedding seems like such a big burden. I wish there's a special web that I can specially browse my dream wedding IN ONE WEBSITE.

Then, BrideStory comes in..

So what is BrideStory? is an online portal that offers an extensive list of wedding vendors, each representing different concepts and unique expertise. Bridestory facilitates, provides options, connects brides and grooms-to-be with the right wedding vendors and aims to contribute to the realization of a dream wedding through quick and easy access. 

Bridestory serves as a meeting point for brides and grooms-to-be and wedding vendors. It aims to save time and effort to allow couples to put more focus on the joys of getting married. Engaged couples can surf the site to find wedding inspirations from various wedding vendors within its extensive list of twenty unique service categories and use the technological platform to help them with the process in choosing the right one, according to their budget and location.

I was giggling with joy when I first discover BrideStory, because I can easily browse wedding-related thingies in one website instead of jumping from one MUA's page to another, or burdening my laptop with too much tabs just looking for a wedding photographer's portfolio.

AND, signing in into BrideStory couldn't be any easier!

Just fill in the informations required, OR if you're super lazy like me, click the Connect With Facebook button, and voila! You've got yourself an account in BrideStory. 

After logging in, you can start browsing right away! I love the interface of BrideStory that can really helps you filters the vendors which meets your requirement(s!).

You can search it by categories, (look at how much options you can get, flowers, jewelry, photography, entertainments, and so on..)

By location.. 

Or, if you have a specific budget in mind, you can also filters the vendors by their budget estimation.

They also have Diamond List Vendors if you're looking for premium vendors to suit your needs. How awesome is that?

If you are a wedding vendor, you can also promote your business here in BrideStory! Basically what they're doing is connecting brides/grooms-to-be with trusted and high quality vendors, so if you need to spread some words of your business, I think BrideStory is a very good way to start.

Please do visit the BrideStory website. I was planning to do some research for this post, but I ended up spending half a day browsing and looking at vendors for my future-wedding (note there is no date defined yet). That's how addictive this website is. // IG: @thebridestory

Stay Gorgeous
Beatrix Dilla

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