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As i'm writing this post, it's quite cloudy and cold right now. I wonder what makes the weather in Jakarta changes so rapidly these days. One day you wish you've worn more sunscreen, another day you wish you've brought along a sweater.

Because of this rapid change of weather, i have made a promise to myself to wear sunscreen everyday. I know, i know, you should've wear sunscreen no matter what the weather is. But, living in Indonesia, it's always almost sunny throughout the year. Perhaps the varying difference would be the sun's heat between hot and scorching-hot.

BUT! Wearing sunscreen these days is such a pain in the round-like-parts-of-my-behind, because i have to wait for moisturizer to dry, the sunscreen to totally sink in, then the foundation, the powder....

Sweet Brown knows it best.

That's why i opt for BB Creams!

BB creams or Beauty Beblesh/Blemish cream has been raved for at least 5 years back, being a one-stop-solution for protecting and beautifying your skin at the same time. Dozens of brands have made their own version of BB creams, from both Asian and Western market. 

Many claims that Asian BB creams are the best, many other says otherwise. Me personally, since i am Asian, i often opt for Asian BB creams (mostly gravitated around Korean's company like Etude House, Laneige, and so on.). BUT, the problem with Asian BB creams are the fact that most of their BB cream shades DO NOT match my skintone.

I was born tanned. My mother has a very fair skin, she's Manadonese. My father has a very dark skin, he's Ambonese. I, being their daughter have a combination of both their skincolor, with a slight preference to my father's skin. My older sister and younger brother is quite lucky since they inherited my mother's skintone.

Having a tanned skin, it's very difficult for me to find a suitable BB cream for myself. Most of the BB creams turns ashy on me, or simply is too white, making me look pale, and instead of giving me a healthy-skin look, i looked sick.

Here's a proof how BB creams usually turned out in us Tan-asians (credits to Aini Hapsari who've introduced me to this term).


Perhaps some of you dig this look. Me? Never. The skin may look evened out but look how my face and neck skintone actually looks different. As if i'm wearing a mask.I could easily find a matching foundation for my skintone, but wearing a foundation everyday seems like such a drag, not to mention it may look a bit much for daily look.

So, i have given up the hope of finding a suitable BB cream for me. 


Skin79 is one of the most famous brand when it comes to BB creams. Part of it because they provide a good array of types to choose from. I've seen a few of them, tried a couple, but as i stated above, not one particular type really draws me in because of the shade.

But the bronzing type really intrigues me as it is very hard for Tan-asians girls to find BB creams that doesn't make us "look white", because sometimes we want to wear our own skintone.

It also has SPF 50+ PA+++ which is amazing for protecting your skin, and it means i don't have to layer too much product on my face for my daily makeup routine! 

Win win.

And what a coincidence that Carnellin from While You on Earth is helding a giveaway in which this BB cream is one of the prize! I would really like to win, since this particular type of Skin79 BB cream is not yet to be well known, but i think i'll be such a big hit in Indonesia (considering the average Indonesian's skintone) once it's known.

If you're also interested in joining the giveaway, open up Carnellin's blog to find out how to participate. Make sure you also follow Skin79 social media @Skin79ID on Twitter and Skin 79 Indonesia on Facebook.

I wish you also good lucks if you decided to participate.

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  1. Astaga gambarnya bikin gue ngakak!!

  2. good luck! I didn't know there's a BB cream especially made for tan skintone :)


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