Product Review: Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Okay, finally a makeup product review! 

I have been postponing to review this product for SOOO long, i almost forgot i have them in my draft (talk about being a bad blogger). 

Today, i am going to review one of the products given to me from a event long ago held by Beauty Treats Indonesia and Bobbi Brown Indonesia. You can check out my event report here.

Introducing, the Tinted Eye Brightener by Bobbi Brown!


The one that i receive, i believe is the re-packaged version by Spring 2013. It originally comes in a wand, lip gloss like packaging. The new one comes in a pen-type packaging, that you have to click to dispense the products out.

Once you open up the cap, you'll see this synthetic brush that you can use to apply your tinted eye brightener with. So you kinda rotate the "body" of the product, and it'll dispense the tinted eye brightener through this brush. Then you can apply it on the desired part of your face, also blending out as you go. Although i find blending to be better with my fingers.

The shade that were given to me was Light to Medium Peach. And it is really true to what the name suggested, the shade actually has more peach to it than yellow, and i really like it for correcting my under-eye area before i put on some concealer. Or, for a lighter-makeup kinda day, i'll just slap these bad boys in without concealer because although they're a little bit more on the lighter side, they can still cover up my dark circle quite well.

The funny thing is, although being quite sheer, this product actually stays on really well. I usually feels the need to touch up my under-eye area around mid-day with some powder, but not with this on. 

The only downside i think is the packaging. I still prefer the old one that looks like lipgloss, because with the current packaging, it is so easy to dispense too much product, and not to mention make a mess inside of the cap.

It's a good product from Bobbi Brown. After all, they're quite well known for the correctors, and this one is no exception. I wish they put more thoughts into the packaging. I don't really know the price for this product, but i'll update you later with the details.


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  1. it looks so tempting >.<
    I'm looking for a good concealer! How much is it?

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    1. I'm not sure, this was given to me by Bobbi Brown Indonesia. It is $30 on Sephora, so it might be 400K IDR? Not really sure. I wish they've given us blogger more info about this products, though..


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