Knock knock.. Uhm.. Hello?


First of all, sorry for being MIA lately. I have nothing to blame on but the final semester exams. URGH! I feel like this has become a pattern of my blog every 6 months or so.

Oh well, what can you do?

Anyways, i am now on my long-awaited holiday! Well, not really because somehow this semester's holiday isn't so much to be awaited for since i have to do my internship. Which is exciting, but at the same time terrifying for me.

What's terrifying is the fact that i am getting closer to leave college and face what others says as "the real world", working. 

You may think pffftthhh what a spoiled little brat, refusing to work and all. Well, i'm not really refusing, i'm actually looking forward to it, but at the same time terrified (that such feeling is possible, by the way.) 
I'm looking forward to the time i actually earn my paychecks and be economically independent from my parents, but at the same time terrified of what kind of job would i have in the future.

I still have a year or so to finish my college, but dear Lord, i can still recall clearly myself as a freshman 3 years ago! I hate when people say this, but WHERE DOES THE TIME FLIES BY?!

Anyway, before i get even more distracted, i want to share a bit of news from my MIA phase a couple weeks back.


I will be the MC for the upcoming UI Fashion Week's Beauty Class this 21st June. Do contact UI Fashion Week through their websites or social medias, or check on my Twitter feed a few days back for the way to RSVP by text!

I actually am really excited for this, tell me in the comment section below if you've found me from the beauty class, or if you simply wants to come to the beauty class.

Oh, and i have quite a few reviews coming up, stay tune for that, and a GIVEAWAY to celebrate my birthday this month. The same day as the beauty class, to be exact. So, yeah...

Anyway, i'll see you on other post, keep on shining!!

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  1. km masih kuliah ya dil? XD enjoy your last semester ya ^^
    waaa kerennya jadi MC :D sukses ya untuk acaranyaa

    Don't forget to join our Etude House & Holika Holika Goodies Giveaway ^__^ [INTERNATIONAL]

  2. iyaa aku masih kuliah nih ce, hehehe thanks yaaaaa :*


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