Product Review: Makeover "Le Secret Fantasie" Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Hey, dolls! 

So a couple days back i was invited to Make Over Indonesia's event which is their launch of the newest makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2014.

It is called "Le Secret Fantasie", and i happen to have a few of the products on my hands to try out! Let's get started!

First off, how adorable is their packaging? Pink flamingos! 

So the whole new collection revolves around a mystical and whimsical theme. They have 4 new Tricolor Eye shadow Palette and one lipstick. I have with me 2 of them, and also the lipstick.

The left one is called "Magical Fairy Tale" while the right one is called "Enchanting Nude Spell". 

Both are packaged in a glossy black container with Make Over written over it. I love how simple these eye shadow compacts looks, perfect for someone like me who is always on-the-go and need something that i can carry around as i do my activities. They are also equipped with full mirror, and sponges applicators (although i always prefers using my clean fingers).

I'll break down the colors for you, so you can pick the one palette that really suits your needs.

"Enchanting Nude Spell"
consists of really neutral shades that is perfect for those of you who wants to achieve very natural eye look for daily usage. The first color is actually a bone-almost-white matte color, the second is a shimmery peachy beige color, and the last color is a deep dark brown that has a little tint of purple in it. The dark brown color is actually really nice to put on your crease, or if you want to darken the look for a night makeup.

"Magical Fairy Tale"
palette consists of a shimmery teal, a shimmery copper, and a shimmery light peach. The peach looks almost identical with the one from the "Enchanting Nude Spell" to me. But the star of this palette is actually the teal! I love it so much, especially of you want to add that pop of color underneath your eyes that is so in right now.

The packaging is really good and sturdy, the color selection is genius, what about the quality of the eye shadow itself? I'm a believer that a picture paints a thousand words, so i believe you can judge the quality by scrolling down these pics

"Enchanting Nude Spell"

"Magical Fairy Tale"

All of the swatch above are done in a single swipe. Pretty amazing, huh? They are very soft and surprisingly doesn't crumble easily. They stays on for quite an alright time, but i still see some creasing at the end of the day. Use eye shadow primer to prevent this from happening. I really like the overall quality of the eye shadows, they're also very affordable!

The next item is the lipstick. It is called "Everlasting Kiss", which is a nude color. I have one matte lipstick from Make Over, and i have got to say i really like it. 

First of all, how great is the packaging?? It seriously looks like an expensive lipstick. I really like how Make Over keeps sticking into the simple-all-black-errthang in their packaging.

The swatch, also single swipe. It's the perfect nude lip color for me. Not too pale, but nothing too fleshy either. I have to say, this product is the most favorite item of the bunch Make Over team has given me. I have been carrying this over in my makeup bag, that's how i love this lipstick!

The consistency is very creamy, it glides really well, but just like any other creamy lipstick, this too, did not stay long on my lips. After 4-5 hours or eating, it usually almost all gone and i have to reapply.

So, that is all the review for Make Over's "Le Secret Fantasie" Spring/Summer 2014 collection, i hope you find this post helpful, and please share if you have any thoughts regarding this collection, or even this brand in particular.

Until then, 

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