Review: Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap in Green Tea


Gosh, my mid-term test (S!) is finally over. I feel like it was such a horrid repetition each semester that i simply have to endure. I want to say i simply can't wait to finish college, but i think i'll regret that once i have to work and everything.

Today i am going to review a new product that was sent to me by a Japanese brand called Cow Style. Although this product was sent to me, please bear in mind that i always try to review a product as honest and objective as i could. Read my homepage tab for the complete disclosure.

The product itself is called Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap in Green Tea. 
If you're curious about this product, please keep on reading.

Pic taken from Cow Style Website.

Basically it is a facial soap bar. I honestly cringe at the thought of wearing soap bar in my face. Ever since i started washing my face regularly (i believe in my early adolescence years? Definitely on the start of puberty.) i always use a liquid form of face soap. A soap bar is definitely not meant to be put on the face. Or so i thought.

The soap itself is dark-green colored, and you can definitely smells the green tea right away. Opening the box, you'll get the soap wrapped in a paper wrap, and a foaming net! We'll talk about the foaming net later.

As far as the ingredients in this soap, i am quite impressed with the active ingredients choked up in this little soap. 

It claims to have 7 natural ingredients which are:

1. Natural green tea extract 
2. Natural hyaluronic acid 
3. Natural collagen 
4. Natural jojoba oil 
5. Natural althea essence 
6. Natural ceramide derivative 
7. Natural olive squalane

And as you can see, you're supposed to make foam with the soap instead of rubbing this soap directly into your face. That's why for every purchase of this soap, you get a free foaming net inside the packaging. 

The foam net itself is basically a mesh fabric that you rub into the soap for helping the foam-making process. You can wear the foam net like a glove, or put the soap inside the foam net. Also, i have found that you can use the net to store the soap, simply put in the soap and you can hang them.

You can whip up the foam until they're tick like this. Then rub the foam lightly to your face, and rinse. 

Why bother using the foam net, anyway? 

Japanese people believed that by using foam, you can lessen the friction between your hand and the delicate skin around your face which can be quite harsh. 
This is a cute diagram i found on Cow Style's website of how the foam can helps remove the dirts on your face.

Pic taken from Cow Style website.

I have been using this soap for 2 weeks, now i am ready to give you the full review.

+ It DOES brighten my skin. It's not a drastic effect, but enough for me to notice.
+ Cleans my skin quite effectively
+ Lovely green tea scent, sadly it wears out after a few times of usage.
+ Clearly, it makes my washing-face session much more fun with the foam-making process, but also a bit time-consuming.

- It's a bit expensive for a bar of soap (I believe it was around Rp. 66.000,00 - Rp. 77.000,00)
- Leaves a tight after-wash feeling. I don't appreciate that, because i believe a good soap should not makes your skin feels tight or dry.

I don't know about you, but 4 plus sides to 2 negatives are quite alright with me. I have read other bloggers' reviews, and i find no one has a really extreme side-effects with this soap, so i recommend you to try it first, especially if your skin lacks brightness and looks dull.

You can easily buy this in Guardian, Watson, Grand Lucky, and Metro store nearby.

Visit the Cow Style website here for more information.

Have you tried this soap? If you haven't, would you? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. nice review :)
    cuma mahal sekali ya. bisa buat berapa kali/bulan pemakaian ya?

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. Untuk ukuran sabun batang memang agak mahal yaa, tapi sejauh ini aku pakai (3 minggu) sabunnya belum berkurang banyak, jadi aku perkirakan bisa untuk 2-3 bulan pemakaian, tergantung dari bagaimana kamu bisa membuat foamnya. :D

  2. Green tea bagus sekali sebagai anti oksidan. Dan bisa mencegah perkembang biakan jerawat.
    Thanks for the review. Affordable price for a good product.

  3. ealah gue baru sadar itu dibawahny aada sapinya yak. hahhaa

    1. YOI! Lucu banget kan? Sampe gue foto, terus pas dimasukin blog, ga ngerti buat apaan. Tapi salut sih sama Cow Brand pays to every little detail

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi sis sharing aja untuk dapatkan Shizen Gokochi bisa di


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