Product Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hello, guys!

Ever since i started this blog, i always have trouble with my skin. That's when i stumbled into the beautiful world of makeup and skincare. It always amazes me how a little touch of foundation can alters the whole skin's appearance, and how a drop of serums can give you the extra "oompfth.." effect on your skin.

And that's the beginning of his whole shenanigans. 

I started using too much products, so much that my skin can't seem to handle it. And when it seems that my skin can get used to some product, i've found a new (and usually much more interesting) product to try, and the whole devious cycle of adaptation begins again.

Also, i've fell in the trap of a dangerous skincare product that turns out to be containing steroids (biggest mistake i've ever made in the world of skincare). 

That's when i started to take really close attention to what i put on my skin, and trusting only a few brands to sent products for me to try out. One of them being Kiehl's

So, today, i am going to review the ever so famous Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate!!
*insert cheering sound FX*

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC) is a very well known serum from Kiehl's. Probably a like a specialty dish or a chef's recommendation off a restaurant's menu. Well, about the chef's recommendation, that's probably true, most Kiehl's Customer Representatives (KCR) will usually recommend this product for you. By the way, did you know that you can always go for skin consultation in Kiehl's and bring home skincare samples just by spending 5 -15 minutes for skincare consultations? 

That is one of the many reasons why i love Kiehl's as a brand, because we can always try their products as a sample first. 

MCR promises an overnight skin restoration in just a few drops of this magical elixir. 


You see, i was born skeptical, when i see something that says "Instant", my mind automatically doubts it.
Will this MRC be an exception? Keep on reading.


The product itself is packaged in a sturdy blue-tinted glass bottle. It has a dropper on top. As the product itself has an oil-like texture, i think a dropper is so much better opt than a pump (or even pumpless, what the heck).

On the box it says Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, and Mineral Oil Free. This product is claimed to consists of 99,8% naturally derived ingredients.

Honestly? The first time i saw the ingredients i was like " Holy mother on a mackarel! I am going to slather my face in this 20ish different kinds of oils? Don't i have enough oil already?"

But it turns out, it is recommended for oily-skinned people, as well because once you put oil on your skin, it'll respond by producing less oil. It seems like our skin can be so easily tricked.

And that is how you supposed to use it. Just use 2 -3 drops per usage. I really recommend to look closely for your skin's needs. You can take or add more accordingly. I personally use 3-4 drops everyday, and i have normal-combination skin.


I have been using this MRC for 1 month, and i have to say I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

Never, in my life, would i thought i'll love this product since it's oil-based and let's face it, my face has an oil mine of its own. But, i do feel that it has done its job recovering my skin during the night. I usually wake up with a plump, and radiant skin.

Mind you, i have been using only this at night, no added moisturizer, only perhaps a good eye cream (also from Kiehl's, i'll review it later!). And i do feel like this MRC alone is enough for my face. One thing that i really like is how the little acnes i have on the night before usually gets dry in the morning.

I have been loving the way my skin looks right now, since it also evens out my skin tone.

And the smell! Oh God. Lavender oil is one of the main ingredients, surely it smells like lavender, and it really helps me to sleep. That's why i only use this at night.

It makes me smell like hippies, but i don't mind smelling like hippies. Especially the ones with perfect skin.

That is actually how the serum looks like. It looks like water, and feels like a dry-oil. I thought it'll be very uncomfortable to put it on my skin, it turns out to be just fine! 

+ Works well to my skin
+ Evens out my skin tone
+ Repairs the texture of my skin
+ It absorbed right up, doesn't clings to your skin like nobody's business
+ Smells AMAZING

- It is considered to be pricey
- Some people might have bad reaction to this, but you can always ask for samples
- Those of you who hates lavender should just steer away
- The glass packaging makes it a bit non travel - friendly

All in all, i LOVE ups, scratch that, i WORSHIP this product. Please do try it, it could be your holy grail (i think this one's mine)

Have you tried the MRC before? Tell me if you have, and if you haven't, would you?

Until next time,

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