Product Review: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Hi, guys!

As promised from the previous post, today i am going to review the newest addition to my skincare arsenal. It is an eye-cream by Kiehl's, a quite well known, too. I believe Michelle Phan swears by it, and many other beauty gurus out there. In short, it is quite hyped. 

But if you have read my blog long enough, you'll know i always start by being a skeptic. And years of trial battle in diminishing my under-eye areas problem have grown me even more skeptic.
But, i always try to keep an open mind, so let's just jump ahead to the review!


The eye-cream itself is quite small, but i believe it will go a LONG way because of the texture. It comes in a plastic jar, with a divider between the cap and the jar itself. 

I have to admit it may be a bit unhygienic to scoop your fingers into the jar, but i won't even complain. Because every time i even touch my face, i usually makes sure it's squeaky clean. 
I find that sometime this can be a bit unappealing for someone, but you can always use cotton buds.


As you can see from the picture above, the cream has a slight green-yellow tint in it. It doesn't really smell like anything, which is a good thing for me, personally. 

I steer away from eye creams with perfumes, because i simply do not have the patience to apply my eye cream in slow-motion. I usually just do the tap-tap motions around my eyes with the most delicate and careful motion. But, my most delicate hands sometime cannot prevent a little bit of the eye cream to gets into my eyes and kinda leaves a funky taste on my tongue (have you ever have this experience?)

According to Kiehl's, this eye cream is 

- Gently moisturizes the delicate eye area
- Does not migrate into eyes
- Ophthalmologist- and Dermatologist-tested
- Highly effective natural ingredients provide daily hydration for sensitive eye area
- A customer favorite

It is formulated with Avocado Oil, hence it can hydrate even the driest skin around the eye area.

The texture of the eye cream itself is THICK! I mean, really. I hate when someone says "a little goes a long way", but this time, a little does go a long way. You literally just need a little drop for the whole eye.

See what i'm talking about? It glides around my delicate area super easily, too. 
As for the effect itself, i have to say it does hydrates my eye area. But that is all. No de-puffiness, no brightening, mind you this IS a hydrating eye cream. But deep down i still hope there's another "bonus-effects" that may comes around unnoticed.

And also, because this has a hydrating effect, it tends to leave an thin oil film around my eyes, instead of sinking into my skin, which i actually didn't really care for, i didn't really aim for sleeping looking beautiful. When you're still single, you most likely feel this way, too #sobs

Do you need this? 
Well, i would say this is a basic eye cream, something you girls with no problems in their eye area. If you have a problem with dark under-eye, puffy eye-bags, or want to prevent wrinkles around your eyes, i'm sure Kiehl's have another eye cream options for you to choose. 

Priced for $28,50 each, i'm not really sure how much it's priced in Indonesian's counter, i'll keep an eye for it and update you for that.


+ Does a great job in hydrating my eye area
+ Spreads easily without tugging the delicate area of my eye
+ Smells like nothing (this i consider as a benefit)
+ A little goes a LONG way

- Leaves an oil film after applied
- Packed in jar? Hmmm..
- It does a great job in hydrating, and that is all.

So, have you try this eye cream before? If you haven't, would you?

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