Make Over Concealer Review

Holla!! Finally a product review~ 

I know, things have been a bit weird in my blog with me constantly posting event reports and have a very few product reviews or makeup looks lately, and i am sorry for that. Truth is, i am currently saving up for better lighting equipment, so that i can make better makeup looks, and also product reviews.

This post in particular has some photos in which i am trying my newest lighting equipment! Please share your thoughts on the lighting i used.

Today's review is for my favorite Indonesia makeup brand: Make Over, and i am going to review a few things off their whole products range, this time it's the concealer palette!

It's called the Camouflage Cream Face Concealer. It has 5 colors in it, which are 
- Light beige. For highlighting under the eye area.
- Beige. For concealing blemishes / acne marks.
- Light Green. Counteracts reddish skin.
- Light purple. For a really dull looking skin.
- Brown orange. For a serious case of under-eye bags, or even as a blush (??)

And this is how it looks like! 


I am really impressed with the packaging. Glossy black plastic, clear view of the concealers' color on the front, and the Make Over logo is so simple and elegant.

And here's how it looked like opened up. You get a little mirror there for touch-ups, and a wee little brush. I usually didn't care for it, but it turns out to be a decent concealer brush for application. Although i have to blend it again using my fingers afterwards for a natural finish.


I have to say, i am quite impressed with the concealer itself! It's quite creamy and spreadable, and the pigmentation is awesome. This is quite a thick concealer, so it might not be the best for under-eye area ... or so i thought. 

Turns out it's quite nice to be put on the under-eye area, but i have to admit it cakes up a little bit during the day, even after i use setting powders on top. Not the best concealer i have encountered, but with the price that it has offers, it's quite a bargain!

It is also quite long-wearing. I didn't experience any fading on this concealer, however i do experience some caking up (as mentioned above) after 4-6 hours of wearing this. 


As you can see the concealers are pretty pigmented (above are all swatched in one swipe). The colors also appears true to what you see on the pans.


+ Pretty pigmented
+ Quite creamy and spreadable
+ Very affordable! (Around 100K IDR)

- Cakes up after 4 -6 hours wearing

For the price that it has to offer, this concealer palette is pretty good! I specially recommend this if you're new to makeup, and in need of a good and cheap concealer palette. The formulation might not be the best, but it'll do. 

Have you ever tried this concealer palette? Tell me what you think of it in the comments section below!


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