IBB March Makeup Challenge feat. Menard Indonesia : Natural Glow


Whoooaaa!! Hi everyone! Today's post is quite special, since i won't be reporting an event or reviewing a product, but i'll be sharing my submission for this month's Indonesian Beauty Blogger's Makeup Challenge featuring Menard Indonesia (click for the direct link to their Facebook page)!!

Yup, your eyes are not fooling you. The winners of this makeup challenge will get Menard products worth of not one, but TWO POINT THREE MILLION RUPIAHS!! EACH!!

All we have to do is upload makeup looks with the theme "Natural Glow". I was so happy because this is definitely right up in my alley!

I am a big believer that a good skin is always a good start for a natural makeup. You can only do so much covering your imperfections with makeup, but in the end, a healthy skin will show through your makeup, SO INVEST IN YOUR SKINCARE!!

I'm not saying that super expensive skincare will always get you the better result! When it comes to skincare, you have to let your own skin decide which one is suitable for it. Invest your time and energy to your skincare, see the skincare routine you have as a way to pamper yourself instead of a chore you have to do everyday.

Now, i have two looks i can share for you, and also these looks are going to be my submission for IBB MUC with Menard Indonesia. 

The first look i would like to day is my daily makeup, very simple, clean, natural and fresh. Although i am a beauty blogger, i don't feel the need to pile on makeup daily for college.

This look is very suitable for day makeup. I didn't use anything but foundation, a little bit powder, lip and cheek tint, and brow pencil to shape my brows.

Note: i didn't use any face highlighting powder for this look.

Look at the glow i have on the top of my cheekbones! I really like it especially when the sun hits my face in a certain way and it emphasizes the glow on my face. 

Here's a closer look for this look. You can still see some imperfections on my skin, because i didn't use a ton of foundations! That really helped to achieve this Natural Glow look.

Tips for day makeup Natural Glow:

- Use a wet sponge for applying foundation. Believe me when i say that this is the game-changer!
- Mix your foundation with a tad bit of your favorite facial oil for that extra-dewy look 
- Mind your skin type! If you're super oily, avoid using the tips above, because you'll produce that oil naturally anyway. Try this; powder your face in the area you DON'T want to glow (forehead, nose, lower cheek) and let the rest powder-less.
- For a day Natural Glow, you might want to stay away from shimmers and glitters, as it drawn unnecessary attention under the sun. Unless it's what you want, in that case, go ahead.

The next look is the more done-up look, but i try to keep it as natural as possible. You can use this look for night events, because unlike the day makeup, i also did the eye makeup, with the false eyelashes and glitter liners!

For night time makeup, you gotta work harder than the day makeup. And putting glitter liners in the inner corner of your eyes can always amp up your looks while at the same time open up your eyes for bigger eyes look.

I also put on some eyeliner and false eyelashes to emphasize my eyes, and add a little bit glamour in the whole look (this is a night time makeup anyway).

But i still want to keep the clean and naturally glowing skin on this look, that's why i don't put too much bronzer / blush.

Tips for night time Natural Glow makeup:

- ROCK OUT THE SHIMMERS! It's time to put these bad boys out to play.
- Pick one area to focus in. If you want to put shimmers on your cheeks, keep the eyes clean and natural, vice versa.
- Adjust the shimmers to your destination. Let's say you're going to a night club, you can rock out the shimmers and glitters, but if you're going for a date / dinner, keep it subtle, dear. 

And this is the tips for both day/night Natural Glow makeup:

- Moisturize. Always. No exception. Dry patches will never get you a natural glow, a moisturized skin will.
- Exfoliate your skin beforehand, so that the foundation can glide on smoother.
- Prime your skin for a poreless finish. Let's face it, no one has a perfect skin. If your skin concern is big pores, use primers to hide it!
- Pick the right foundation. There are thousands of foundations in the market right now, pick the ones that have dewy finish for that natural glow!

Do wish me luck for the makeup challenge, and if you're interested, read the terms and condition by clicking on this picture below!

If you have submitted for this makeup challenge, do let me know in the comment section, i would love to see your Natural Glow look!
Until then, see you.


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  1. lebi glowy yg pertama nih, Be..
    good luck ya :D

    1. Iya nih cee, sebel kameranya ga nangkep shimmernya huuh..
      Sama samaaa good luck for both of us ya, ce!

  2. hello!!! wiiiihh your skin looks very healthy, and really shows the true indonesian beauty!! <3 Suka sama look yang kedua, tampak eksotis <3
    aku ikutan juga nih MUC nya haha masi gatau apa2 soal makeup pdhal! mampir2 yah ke blogku X-D


    1. Thank you, glad you like it. Good luck for both of us yaa :)


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