Event Report - Beauty Blogger's Beauty Class with Makeover Indonesia & Lizzie Parra

Hello, guys! Hope you are not fed up with my constant event reports, i do have some product reviews coming up, though. Hint: it's an infamous foundation.

But not today, today i am going to give you my take on the Beauty Blogger's Beauty Class with Makeover Indonesia and Lizzie Parra!

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For the event itself, well we are taught by the well-known Lizzie Parra or as i usually recognized her as Ka Ichil, how to do our makeup using Make Over's products!

We are taught how to contour our face, so we can shimmy down a couple kgs, making us looks thinner in photographs! #yay

Also with some amazing knowledge about makeup, but to be honest, nothing i didn't know already. This can only mean one thing: I HAVE WATCHED TOO MANY YOUTUBE MAKEUP TUTORIALS.

And since we're using Make Over's products, we can try the product hands-on, and testing it as we go, too. They are quite awesome, considering it's a local brand, and its affordable prices!!

If you are new at makeup, i recommend checking out Make Over's products, because they have quite a complete makeup products, and the prices are very reasonable for the quality that it has to offer.

Here's my final makeup for the day. Quite glamorous, eh?

And us beauty bloggers posing with Ka Ichil! Let me know if you're in the picture, so i can follow your blog (unless i already do, duh).

Oh, and we also have some products to take home with and reviews!
Thank you Make Over Indonesia, it was a nice event!

Stay Gorgeous 

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