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WOHOOO!! I have finally found a new way to blog more frequently. Nothing advanced, really. It's just that i finally found myself a schedule for my blog posts. I'm hoping this would work, because otherwise i don't know what will.

Okay, today i want to share my visit to a certain salon (or should i say hair studio?) in Kelapa Gading. It is One Piece Hair Studio!

The reason i visited the particular hair studio is that i was going to be introduced into a special treatment called Carbonated Water System (CWS) which is only available in One Piece Hair Studio. 

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The hair studio itself is quite small, but practically designed, so that every space can be maximally used. The interior is minimalist and modern, yet it still has some feminine touch to it. 

Okay, this is what i was talking about, the Carbonated Water System. As a beauty blogger, me (and other beauty bloggers) were given the opportunity to try the CWS. 

So what is Carbonated Water System, anyway?

Carbonated Water System is an additional service that you can (only) find in One Piece Hair Studio. To simply put it, during the CWS process, the stylist will wash your hair with a soda (carbonated) water instead of the usual tap water. 

Why bother, you ask?

Well according to them, this treatment can promotes healthier scalp, protects your hair color, and adds shine to your hair. It has a pH balance 5 which is perfect for your hair. 

This is the "machine" that turns the usual tap water into the soda water.

HONESTLY, when they said they were going to wash my hair with soda water i was startled, i always associated soda water with soft drinks, right? So i thought "Walah, won't my hair be sticky?!" And i actually asked it to Kyosuke, one of the hair stylist that were explaining the CWS to me.

He laughed.

He said that the soda water will be free from sugar, of course, so that my hair won't be sticky at all.

And i seriously want to slap myself in the head that moment.

This is the little carbon rocks that is put on the shower head for CWS process.

And after getting explanation about CWS, i was ready for my treatment! CWS is not a separated treatment, you see. It is actually more like a supplement treatment, so you can do CWS and cutting, or CWS and coloring, etc. 

And i was impressed at how One Piece pays care into every little detail during the CWS process! Before my hair was washed, they give me 3 layers towels and plastic sheet just to protect my clothes from getting wet during the process. Talk about perfection! 

Some salons often neglect this, and i end up soaking wet around the neckline, pffftthhh..

This is what the hair stylist claims to be the "dirt" from my hair. IRL, the water did looked a bit grey-ish.

And earlier today i did CWS, too. I didn't wash my hair for 3 days straight on purpose, so that i can see how well it cleanses my dirty scalp.


I do feel my hair is so much lighter after the CWS, i do recommend it, but it's not a necessity. Although, it's only available in One Piece, so why not?

Okay, so just like any other hair studio, One Piece offers variety hair services such as Cutting, Hair Treatment, dan Chemical (Color, Bleaching, Highlights), and also their signature Perming and Straightening services. But among other things mentioned above, they are most well known for the 3D J-Cut and Carbonated Water System.

The 3D J-Cut is the type of cutting that takes the shape of your heads into accounts everytime you pick a hair style. You see, with different shape of heads, the stylist also needs a different approach of hair cutting. 

I personally have had my hair cut in One Piece, and they do listens to your requests! And they give real efforts to fixing in your hair (in my case, my hair was a victim of a cheapo hair salon that my mom always takes me to ever since i was a kid).

Seriously, invest in a good hair stylist, and you'll thank me later.

Apart from the services, One Piece also have some products that you can buy for hair treatment.

1. Soda Spa Foam

A very unique product, which is CO2 in a form of foam, said to help stimulate blood circulation on your scalp, smoothing out the texture of your hair, and helps to cleanse out your scalp and hair at the same time.

This product can be used on your face just as well to cleanse it! Here's Tia and Neni trying out the Soda Spa Foam (they only uses on one side of their face to see the difference from the other side).

2. Sparkling Gellee

This product contains 100% Hyaluronic Acid that can keeps the moisture on your skin as well as fighting the process of aging. This product can also be used on the face as well as hair. Put it on the ends of your hair for added shine! I've tried putting this on my face, and it does gives me an almost-instant brighter looking skin!

3. Sparkling Shower

This, i have to admit is the most interesting product of all three. A high concentration of CO2 is mixed with not one, not two, but TEN natural herb extract that works to mositurize, and keeping your scalp extra healthy!

After being introduced to One Piece's services and products, us beauty bloggers are taught how to make a simple updo by ourself. A model was needed, so i immediately volunteered! lol

The one doing my hair was Mbak Pipit, i also happened to have her cut my hair today. Such a lovely and pretty woman!

And this is the result of the upstyle. You can get this service as well, they'll give the best updo style for your hair. Here's a closer look from a couple angles.


Anyway, please do visit One Piece Hair Studio, they're simply awesome. My trip to salon has never been this exciting! 

One Piece Hair Studio is located in Central Park (Sogo Ground Floor) and Kelapa Gading (Gading Park View).

Here i'll give you the pricelist on Central Park 

and Kelapa Gading.

Visit their website and follow their twitter on @onepiece_id

Thank you One Piece Hair Studio for the experience!

Stay gorgeous

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