Event Report: Estee Lauder Newest Counter in Lotte Shopping Avenue


How are you, guys? Hope you're having an awesome days. Sorry for being MIA, a new semester has just begun, and i have to deal with the whole moving around my stuffs, and having to readjusts my biological clock to my schedule yet one more time. 

Enough yapping, unto the Event Report!!

Today i am going to share my experience visiting the newest Estee Lauder counter in Lotte Shopping Avenue a.k.a. LOVE.

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Clearly this is not their first counter, but it sure is their newest! As a beauty blogger i was given the privilege to have an exclusive tour of their newest counter, as well as a little introduction of their best-selling products.

Also, they were helding a face-chart competition, and we can participate to win Estee Lauder's products worth 10 million rupiahs!! (My fellow blogger friend Endi wins this. Congrats, Ko Endi!!)

The newest counter still carries the royal blue and gold color scheme that is the trademark of Estee Lauder. The two colors combined are very elegant, indeed. 

So, let's take a quick tour at the counter, shall we?

The first thing that you'll notice once you've stepped in the Estee Lauder counter is their skincare product display. Estee Lauder has almost all answer for your skincare concerns. Whether you're a 25 year olds trying to fight aging early, or you're a stay home mom trying to get rid of that fatigue off your face, the Estee Lauder BA will help you find the right skincare products.

This is the display of their Re-Nutriv collection. Made for woman of age to lift and age-correct your skin. I know my mom will love this.

This is something that you seldom see in other brand's counter. A comfortable full set sofa! In other brand's counter they usually design it as economically as possible, so that they can display as much product as they can. They sometimes forget the coziness factor for the customer. 

Estee Lauder herself believes that woman should touch and experience the products first hand. She also believes that personal experiences in counter is what makes her brand differs from others.

This specific corner is designed after her own bedroom, btw. 

Right next to it is the perfume station. You can sniff around for the best perfume for you. I personally believes that perfume is a very personal product. It can works on me, but the effects given to me can be very different to other people. We have different body odors, thus picking the right perfume can be a time-consuming task!

My personal favorite is Estee Lauder's Pleasure perfume. 

Also, they have their own Beautiful Skin Studio where you can get makeovers and also testing out the best foundation shade for your skin. As you might already know, Estee Lauder has an infamous foundation called The Double Wear Foundation. And it's very important to pick the shade that matches your skintone! 

And last but not least, this is the GWP (Gift With Purchase) station. You can check out their latest offers in here to make sure you get the best bargain (cheapo minded me).

Not only that, Estee Lauder also introduces their newest BA's uniform! Still carrying their signature royal blue color, there are a couple uniform outift that the BA can choose accordingly to their body shape. This collection is created alongside with a fashion design house called Opening Ceremony. 

And of course, i did some swatching job on the counter. The first thing that caught my eyes were these babies. They are a gel blush that have very bold colors, but comes out sheer once it touches your skin. The colors are pretty, and it is actually quite an interesting concept of a product, since most of the blushes available are in powder or cream form.

And also, their lipglosses collection! Gotta have 'em all!!

And finally, the infamous Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I did some swatches, but of course you can't trust solely on this swatch that i made to find your perfect shade.


This is Estee Lauder Digital iMatch, it's a little device that can help you to get the most accurate shade for your skin. How does it work? 

First, the BA assisting will put the device on your forehead,


and chin. 

And VOILA!! The device will reveal the closest shade of foundation for you by photographing the true shade of your skin!

As you can see here, Jesslyn's foundation shade is 2C1 Pure Beige in Double Wear Liquid foundation.

I also try the digital iMatch, and i have to say, they are pretty accurate!! All these time, i'm always doubtful with BAs color picks for my skin's foundation because they always picks the one that is too light for me. 

My shade is Tawny. I will review the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation later on, stay tune for that!

And i mentioned that they are also having a face-chart competition, yes? Well apparently, while i was photographing the event, i met one of my acquaintance, Merry from Female Daily! So happy to meet her, although we can't have a long chat.

Merry is one of the models for the face-chart competition. And these are the participants!

I do enjoy the event, thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia and also Beauty Blogger Match Maker.

Stay georgeous

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