Makeup Sponges? WHY BOTHER?

Have you ever heard of Pinterest, guys? Some of you might even already have an account, because it's lately raved and visited. Basically, Pinterest is the place where you can share ideas, tips, and tricks, and any links to blogs, shops, or websites. 

I was casually browsing Pinterest, then i suddenly have this urge to browse the latest (and hopefully) upcoming trends in makeup for Spring 2014. This is what Pinterest came up with.


All pic credit here, here, here, here, and here (Top-Bottom, Left-Right)

Can you spot a repetition? Yes, they all have FLAWLESS SKIN! 

Flawless skin is always (and i predict will always be) a trend in makeup world. But having a perfect, porcelain-like skin is almost impossible.

Unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to the sun, and admit it, we do share the joy of an occassional zit-popping, don't we? All of these things can cause acne scars, sun spots, not flawless at all. 

That's when foundation come in handy! With a single swipe, you can turn your skin into baby doll skin that have no flaws whatsoevs. BUT, applying foundation can be tricky. If you don't blend it right, they can be streaky, if you wears too much, it can looks cakey and unnatural, while you want the most natural and flattering results.

So, what is the best way to apply your foundation flawlessly, without looking cakey and unnatural?
The answer, ladies and gentleman is MAKEUP SPONGE. 

Don't believe me? Well, i am a believer that a picture replaces a thousand words. Take a look at these pictures of a little "experiment" i made.

Here, i am using a lemon to show you what a difference it would make between applying foundation with your hands and using makeup sponge.

The reason i use lemon is because lemon have large "pores", right? Looks just like ours, only perhaps magnified. Here's a lemon with no foundation applied (lol this is a bit weird).

This is a lemon with foundations applied with my fingers, rubbed in for almost 3 minutes. 
You can see the foundation looks streaky and cakey, imagine that happens to your face! O.O

And this is how it looks like using makeup sponges! I use cheap disposable makeup sponges that you can get almost everywhere.

See how it almost make as if the foundation's color is the actual lemon's color? LOL
That's what you want!!

And here's the side-by-side comparisons of both application.

That is the first reason you should consider using a makeup sponge for your foundation. The second reason is, you can replace THESE:


Pic credit: tumblr

Impossible as it may seem, it's true! And while we're trying to rekindle our love with makeup sponges, why not jump ahead and get the best one available? 

Pic credit here

Introducing; BEAUTY BLENDER!

So, what is beauty blender, anyway?

Beauty blender is a makeup sponge and everything else. Created by Rea Ann Silva, this is no ordinary sponge. It is bouncy, latex-free, non-allergenic, and also odor-free. The shape (patent pending) is designed to help you achieve the most flawless foundation application, ever. Not only that, you can also apply concealer, contour cream, cream blush, highlight, everything!!

Seems a bit overrated, huh? Well, if it is used by so many makeup gurus on Youtube, this product can't be wrong, can it?

This is how you actually use Beauty Blender

This is an example of how a cream contour done using Beauty Blender. Pics are from my favourite makeup artist, and her blog Kissable Complexions.

SO FLAWLESS!! And look what she's holding? A Beauty Blender!

The reason that i make this post is because Stephanie (Or Ci Phanie as i usually called her) is having a giveaway on her blog with Beauty Blender Indonesia. 

I am so excited and really hope i would win, because i LOVE flawless skin, and i really want to try the method taught by Kissable Complexions on her blog!
This happens to be the last day of her giveaway, but don't worry!! You can purchase your own beauty blender, now! YES, all you have to do is follow @beautyblender_indonesia on instagram and find the contact person for purchasing.

You know i normally don't do giveaway posts, so when i do, you know i want the prize so bad. 
So, do wish me luck for this giveaway, guys!


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  1. I love drugstore sponges, they're also great for applying BB cream.
    Now you convinced me to get a beauty blender. I've seen it featured very often by makeup gurus. :P

    1. Go ahead and splurge one of these babies! I won the giveaway, so i'll be reviewing them in my blog, soon.

    2. congratulations, I'll be waiting for the review. :)


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