Japan Beauty Week's Astalift Talkshow with B Blog Indonesia


As you guys might have known already, i posted a quick post a few days back about Japan Beauty Week event held by B Blog Indonesia in Plaza Senayan. 

Today, i am going to share my experience being the speaker for the Astalift Blogger talkshow!

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When i first arrived, i was then introduced to some of the staffs there, and then escorted to the dressing room, where i'll be changing my clothes.

The outifts are provided by Olive des Olive and Million Carats. Click to open their website!

And this is the outfit that i chose! Most of the clothes provided are so feminine and lady-like, in other words; SO NOT MY STYLE hahahaha.

Then i stumble upon this sweater and pants combination, and i have to say i really love it!! The shoes and necklace are mine, btw.

I am also accompanied by two other bloggers, the first one is Clara Devi from Lucedale. She's a fashion blogger, this is the first time i met her, and i adore her skills to mix-and-match clothes! Wish i have that lol.

And the second blogger is Carnellin from While You On Earth, she's a beauty blogger, too. I have met her in various occasion, and yet i am still in awe of how awesome her skin looks.

The MC that day is Stella Lee, sure you guys might have known her already, right?

The talkshow started at 18.15. We were having such a good time talking, and sharing our skincare routine to the audience, and i felt so happy because this is my first time being a speaker in a talkshow, but surprisingly i feel so relaxed.

Here are the questions asked, in case you missed the talkshow (boooo lol)

1: What is your skincare routine?
- I must say, my skincare routine changes according to my skin needs, but lately i have been keeping it simple, just wash my face, moisturizer and sunblock in the morning, and for the night time i just skip the sunblock, and perhaps layer my skincare. I usually use serums, or sleeping pack during the night time, or simply a heavier/richer moisturizer.

2. What kind of skin trouble do you have?
- This is embarassing, but i actually cannot stand seeing a zit on my face, i have to pop it! That's right, i am a zit-popper. Hence, i have so many acne scars on my face, which is so hard to get rid of, harder than the actual zit! Hence, i am so into products that can get rid of my acne scars and skin discoloration.

3. What kind of skincare products do you use?
- I am currently using on-the-counter products, the products that you can easilly find in drugstores, and the ones that not deadly expensive. This is because i lately find that you don't have to buy extremely expensive products for your skincare, as long as you do it dilligently, you can reap the benefits of the products itselves. 

4. What is your tips for a healthy skin?
- Keep a healthy lifestyle. If you can't, at least try to have one. Eating clean, drink a lot of water, exercise daily, all those things actually influences your skin more that your skincare. There's a saying that says "You are what you eat", i think that is very true. As for your skincare routine, i would say to invest your time in doing your skincare routine. Having a good skincare routine means that your skincare routine suits your skin's needs, and it doesn't merely means super expensive products, too.

All in all, it was an unforgettable experience, and i am so happy to be able to join this event. Thank you B Blog Indonesia.


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  1. Wah akhirnya ketemu post yang sama-sama dari B Blog, yang lain kaya dari yg japan-japan itu.. hahaha..

    Sama bet gue pas disuru ganti baju bingung euy bajunya imut-imut daannn kecil kecil semua!! Hahahaa.. Untung ada yang muatt.. hahahaa

    1. Hai Vani!! Hahahaha iya kaaaan, untung ketemu yang rada nyambung sama gue, ga kebayang muka ibu tiri gini pake dress unyu-unyu hahaha

      Thanks for stopping by, dear :*


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