Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Folks! +

Hello guys!!

First things first, i want to say 


to you! My dearest blog readers.

Gosh, 2013 has been a really emotion roller-coaster for me. I've accomplished so many things, and yet lose some things. I guess that's just the way of life?

Anyhow, i am really grateful for all the things i've done, and honestly, if i can do it one more time, i would do it all over again. sure, i have some regrets, but i know those things i regret earned me something to learn as well, and i wouldn't trade that for anything.

So how was everyone's christmas? Mine was pretty darn good, spent it with families and boyfie's families as well. 

Mom's cooking christmas dinner, that's DARN GOOD. So i can sum it up that my christmas is pretty awesome. Found this super funny cat meme about christmas that i can TOTALLY relate to, though.

Seriously, though. I GOT FAT. 

I can feel it, my flabby arms, my humongous thigh, my stacking stomach, urgh.. A lot of you may say i look skinny enough, but i actually felt really umm.. not fat, but unfit. I can barely race up the stairs without having to stop and catch my breath in between. That's how unfit i am.

I need to workout. More. More than i thought i should, like BEAST MODE ON (lol why so sudden sounds like common Pinterest girls).

So, i think Santa heard my resolution this year, and he gives me a chance to really make the resolution comes true. Right after Christmas, i feel terribly bloated, and i noticed a huge increase on my body weight, SO, i decided to join the IBB adn WRP Weight Loss Challenge!

They're going to select 3 lucky bloggers, so do wish me luck, guys!!

That's #1 resolution for 2014. Hey, i didn't realized this is going to be a resolutional post. I usually keep my resolution personal to myself (so that by the end of the year, in case i fail, i wouldn't have to worry about that lol).

Anyway, i am going to post a New Years Eve Look later on, so be sure to stay tune for that!

*Awkward end 
Until then, stay pretty!

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