Event Report: Bobbi Brown and Beauty Treats Indonesia "Exclusive Bloggers Gathering"


A couple days ago, i was invited by Beauty Treats Indonesia to join their "Exclusive Bloggers Gathering" event with Bobbi Brown. I have to say i was FLUSTERED! I mean, this is Bobbi Brown we're talking about! *gasps*

Okay, that was an overrated response, but i was really looking forward for the event, and need i say more, here's the event report for you!

Upon arrival, i was greeted by this display of Bobbi Brown products, all laid out in an aesthetic manners, making me want to grab every single one of them!

Can i hear MAKEUP HEAVEN?! Hallelujah.

The event was held in Rustique Restaurant in Plaza Senayan. The atmosphere of this restaurant is cozy, but not exactly my type of restaurant. I like the ones with big windows and lots of sunlight coming in during the day. It's just a matter of personal preference, though.

This might be a bit out of topic, but here i am showing the 3 meals that were served, the first one i believe to be Mushroom Soup.

Second is our own choice of main course, i happened to pick chicken. The chicken was tender, and cooked  (grilled, i believe) through with butter glaze and some baby potatoes on the side. 

And we have a tiramisu (i do believe so) which i think is the highlight of the whole meal, because it is SO AIRY AND FLUFFY OMG.


Meet Bobbi Brown's Makeup Artist Amanda. She was introducing us beauty bloggers with the prior knowledge about Bobbi Brown, the founder, the brand's history and of course, the products and their best-sellers.

This is the timeline of Bobbi Brown as a beauty company. Their journey started when Bobbi Brown (not to be confused with Bobby Brown, the rapper! lol) graduated with a degree in theatrical makeup from Emerson College and head into New York to become proffessional Makeup Artist. She teamed up with Patrick Demarchelier and supermodel Naomi Campbell for her very first Vogue cover photoshoot.

She started her business with a few lipsticks and a unique yellow-toned foundation stick, and after making appearance on Oprah's Show, her sales rocketed and also making debuts for her products in Harrods, UK.

What i love about Bobbi Brown, is how she always encourages women of any race, skin tone, or age, to feel beautiful and encourages them to be pretty powerful.

And this is the top 10 Bobbi Brown products that i think is also a must-have for makeup junkies all over the world.

Speaking of 10 things, Amanda, the makeup artist from Bobbi Brown Indonesia then proceeds to explain about the Bobbi Brown 10-Step Beauty. 

So what is the 10-Step Beauty anyway? It's the 10 steps that Bobbi Brown herself recommends for any woman (or man, whatevs) to follow whenever they're doing makeup for that natural and timeless classic look.

And Amanda was demonstrating the steps with our model that day.

Don't worry, i got you guys covered, too!! So here's the Bobbi Brown 10-Step Beauty;


As simple as that! Here's the finished look on our model.

I love how the makeup is natural and still manages to make our model looking pretty, or as Bobbi would say, pretty powerful!

And then the MC (i noticed her as Deszell from Female Daily? Oh hello!) announced the best live-tweeter that day. Unfortunately i didn't win, but that's alright because we totally had fun! (and i still got the goodie bags anyway lol).

After i got home, i totally thought the goodie bag would be filled with yet another product sample, right? WRONG, I WAS DEAD WRONG. 

Look at these babies....... 
*Gollum My Precious Mode: ON*

I am probably going to review these babies up, so stay tune for that! 

Thank you Bobbi Brown and Beauty Treats Indonesia, it was such a pleasurable event indeed, i cannot wait to review these products and sharing you what i think about them.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown products? If you have, tell me what you have tried and your opinions on them! Better yet, leave me the link of your review on the comment sections, i'll be sure to check that out!

Stay fabulous!!

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