Shu Uemura's The Lightbulb Foundation Review + FOTD!


Finally, a product review, and a FOTD! Hahahaha i know, took me such a long time to make a post with FOTD, but you see, my skin has been acting out really weird because i went bananas on new skincare products introduced to me.

It took me a while until i know which product works better for me, and which routine is the best for my skin's need.

A while ago, i did post about the Shu Uemura's Private Beauty Blogger Gathering to introduce The Lighbulb Foundation, now here's my take on the foundation.

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What's with the lightbulb? Here, i took these pictures from the official international Shu Uemura's website.

Why bother creating this? You see, for every different lighting we had, we tend to "look" different. Check out this chart:

Hence, Shu Uemura created The Lighbulb Foundation to ensure you always have glowing skin, even in the most dim lighting possible.

This foundation is infused with Macadamia oils that have multiple benefits such as:

With every purchase of Shu Uemura's Lighbulb Foundation, you get one unique sponge for applications.

And it's no ordinary sponge! With this sponge, you can control how much glow you wanted for application! See the tips below on how to adjust the glow by just using the sponge.

For a more glowy look, use the Shu Uemura's Glow System! Remember the Shu Uemura's Blogger Gathering post that i made? Yes, we use these whole step, and my God, these are amaze-balls!


Shu Uemura Indonesia kindly gives me this foundation to try, and i may have to repeat this one more time, but just because a company is giving me products for free, it doesn't affect my judgement for the product itself. I try as honest as i could be to gives my opinion, and be as subjective as i can.


This foundation comes in a glass bottle with black plastic cap. Not so much of a fan of these, but i don't mind. 

My shade is 744 Moderate Beige. 

It comes with a PUMP! Which is always a plus side, i don't support pump-less foundation, they make so much mess, and sometimes you spill them, sometimes you pour too much, i just can't handle it.

It's comes with 27 ml of products, i think it's quite a big amount of foundation, although you really don't need much with this foundation as per application.

This is the closer look of the sponge. This one is the pointed side, which you can use to apply foundations in certain areas like around your nose and under your eyes.

While this is the rounder and slightly bigger side, for applying foundation in a bigger areas such as cheek, forehead and neck. There's a curve in between, making it easier for me to grab on it, and steadier application, too!

It's so cute! One thing that i dislike is the fact that the sponge is white. I mean, it may be just me, but i am a bit of obsessive-compulsive when it comes to makeup. I want every sponges that i have to be squeaky clean, and the fact that this sponge is white colored, just makes me cringe.

The BA said you can always clean it with cleansing oil, and i've tried it once with my Skinfood Brightening Cleansing Oil and it did just great! Not so much success when i try using Hada Labo Cleansing Oil, though..

This is the texture of the foundation. It's slightly thick, and surprisingly easy to spread. Sometime i just use my fingers, tapping it as i go, instead of the sponge, and it can still give me a flawless finish.


I believe this is suitable for medium skintone with strong yellow undertone. THIS IS THE EXACT MATCH OF MY SKIN OMG I CAN'T EVEN..

Sure, when you look at the swatch, it's a bit darker on my skin, but my face is darker than the inner part of my hand.

How well does it cover? I'm a believer that a picture replaces a thousand words, so i'll just let you see for yourself.

And that's my worse cheek lol. As you can see the coverage is medium, because you can still see some imperfections on my skin. Not the best foundation if you want to achieve a full-coverage look.

Here are some promised FOTD using Shu Uemura's Lightbulb Foundation. I only did my brows, apply some lip-cheek tint (also by Shu Uemura, review's coming up!!) on my cheek and lips.

 I mean, yeah when you really pay attention and stands like 3 cm away from me, you can see my acne scars, but nobody does that without getting punched in the nuts by me, so yeah..

Can you see how i look like i glow from within? I love these healthy-skin look instead of the all-matte finish.

The oil control is, i have to say, awesome for a glowing-type foundation. Other foundation with a similar type makes me look like an oil mine in under 2 hours without setting powder. I can use The Lightbulb Foundation without setting powder and still looks awesome for the next 4-6 hours (depending on the humidity, i observed). Oh, and i have a normal skin type, jsyk..


The problem came when i didn't set it with setting powder, because this foundation STAINS all over me. And i thought setting it with powder will solve the case, but i was wrong. It still stains, only not as much. But i find that even though i set it with some powder, i can still see the glow peeking through my skin, only less noticeable.

So, to wrap things up, here's my experience and what i thought about this foundation

+ Really gives me that glow finish without looking oily
+ Exact match to my skintone
+ Covers naturally
+ Smells pleasantly 

- A bit on the pricy side
- Stains, even when i use setting powder
- White sponge. WHY?!

I should say, i really like this foundation, except the fact that it easily stains anything on contact to my skin after i put it on.

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia for giving me the opportunity to try this foundation

Until then, stay fabulous!

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  2. Hi Beatrix, thank you for the in depth review. I might be picking up this foundation in a few days and the information in this post was helpful.

    1. Thank you! I am glad to hear that. Let me know what you think of this foundation, too :D


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