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Ah, so good to be back. Okay, today’s post is the (should i say) sequel of my last post about MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil. You all have seen my current hair condition, and i have given you the glimpse of MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil sitting in ice. Today, i am going to share my experience using MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil by Makarizo, and try to explain what it is actually.

MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is the newest special hair treatment from Makarizo, specially formulated for colored hair. With the mineral oil infused in it, the MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is going to repair every strand of your colored hair, making it looks healthy, smooth, increasing the intensity of the color, protects the hair at the same time.

MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil contains castor oil and linseed oil. Castor oil is known for repairing the structure of our hair, helping damaged hair after chemical processes, and relaxing the strands of our hair. While linseed oil is well-known because it is rich with α-Linolenic acid, which can be used to revitalizes your hair, increasing the natural shine of your hair, and also restructurizing the cortex and smoothing the hair’s cuticle.

PHEW!!!!! That’s a lot of information to take, is it not? In short, this MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is a choke-load of good things for your hair. And i’ll explain how to use it.

First step, is to CLEANSE your hair. This is very important, so that the nutrients in MK# Hot Ice Mineral Oil can be absorbed fully. Clean your hair using MK3 Color Revive shampoo.

Next, apply the MK3 Color Revive Gel Conditioner. If you don’t have these shampoo and conditioners, you can use what you already have. But i have these, so i’ll be using them.

Now, this is an important step. You have to keep the ampoule of MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil in the REFRIGERATOR for maximum 5 minutes. Take the MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil ampoules, then warm them up by rubbing your hands until the oil feels a tad bit warm.

Next, open up the ampoule by breaking the tips, look at the image i've shown where to break the ampoule, pour the oil into your hand, apply it to your wet hair, tapping the hair as you go. Do this to the whole hair, then wait for 5-10 minutes until you ready to wash them off.

Last finishing touch is using the MK3 Color Revive Cream and style your hair accordingly!

If the steps are not clear enough for you, you can watch the steps in this video

Now, i am  going to share the latest condition of my hair after using MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil.

After                   Before

As you can see, my hair is shinier, and looks much more healthier! I have used nothing but MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil as the additional product on my hair care routine.

To conclude, would i recommend this product? Yes. But only to those of you who really do care about your hair and willing to sacrifice some free time around. Is it worth the time spent. Vary, depends on how often you do this.

And that’s my review! For more info please visit Makarizo Indonesia’s website in here, their facebook page, and also their official twitter account.



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