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How's it going, guys? Phew, such a busy weeks i had, all deadlines papers, and assignments. But all that thankfully just pushes me to write even more! 

Today, i am going to post an event report from Shu Uemura's event regarding their newest foundation, the Lightbulb Foundation. 

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So, i was invited by Dea from Shu Uemura Indonesia to attend this mini bloggers gathering at Seribu Rasa Restaurant in Lotte Shopping Avenue. I've been to this mall for the last event from Kiehl's, so this is not a new thing getting into the venue.

HOWEVER, i didn't recall how heavy the traffic jam was the last time i went there, so i arrived kinda late, and everyone was already on their seat. As soon as i arrived, the event started.

And this is the newest foundation from Shu Uemura!! The Lightbulb Foundation. So this foundation is supposed to gives you glow, at any kinds of light you have, be it in direct sunlight or indoor, just like having a lightbulb over your face to light up your whole look.

That day's agenda was to give us bloggers some basic information about this foundation, and to explain the best way to apply this foundation. That is why our table was crowded with not only Shu Uemura's makeup products, but also their skincare line, because we're starting from the scratch!

First of all, we are asked to remove our makeup using the infamous Shu Uemura's cleansing oil. This was not my first time using a cleansing oil method for cleaning my face, but this was the first time i try Shu Uemura's cleansing oil. 

We were asked to choose the one suitable for our skin type. I have a normal skin, only it gets a tad bit oily around my nose whenever it's hot outside, so i pick the one with brightening effect. If you have read my blog long enough, you'll know how whitening-freak i am.

 It's a long story.

Now, we are also demonstrated with how we can cleanse our face with Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. This method basically works for every type of the Cleansing Oil. The steps that you need to remember is:

1. Put the cleansing oil in your DRY face
2. Massage lightly, letting all the makeups and dirt to dislodge from your skin
3. Emulsify with a little bit of water until the oil turns milky white
4. Rinse thoroughly with water

I have found a video further explaining the Shu Uemura's Oil Cleansing method, go ahead and watch the video, to gives you a thorough information about this method.

After we clean our face with our choice of Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil, then it's time for toner! Or as in Japan's world of skincare, it is called as lotion. I used this one called red:juvenus vitalizing refining lotion.

It was such a refreshing toner! And i really love the smell, too. 

Then we were also given the Tsuya Youthful Radiance Generator Essence, and Tsuya Youthful Radiance Eye Concentrate. I am so interested in these two, been planning to buy it for the longest time #sigh.

Now, time for the main star product, The Lightbulb Foundation!! As i said above, this foundation is formulated so that it gives the luminous look on your skin like having a lightbulb hovering your face all the time.

The foundation also comes with a special sponge for application, and here, we are demonstrated about how to apply the foundation. 

I am not going to say a lot of things about this foundation yet, because i'll be having a separate blogpost about it, so stay tune!

After applying the foundation, we are asked to do our eye makeup, also using all Shu Uemura's products.

And that's that!! After that we were served with lunch, which i devoured like crazy because i haven't eat since the day before, and i just realized how unlady-like i am when i eat. Geez..

This is all the beauty bloggers invited, posing as a group photo. Really nice to see them all!

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia for inviting me and all the beauty bloggers, and also letting us try the newest foundation. 
If you're curious about the foundation, please stay tune because there's a separate post coming up about this foundation, and you surely don't want to miss that!

Until then, stay fabulous!

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