Holiday Looks featuring Lancome Gloss in Love "Violette Paillette"


Okay, so it's that time of the year again!! I know this may seems a bit premature to prepare for holiday, as we're still in the middle of November right now. But, December holiday is the most anticipated holiday in my life.

And one thing that i always patiently waiting for is THE PARTY!!
I am not typically a party girl, but once in a while, when i do party, all hell breaks loose

I mean, i go bananas on my makeup, dress, heels, accessories, all those good stuffs. But, of course i still want to look pretty. Now, Holiday is probably the most appropriate time to wear... wait for it...


Lock up your matte stuffs, we are going wild! Today, i review and also sharing my holiday look using Lancome Gloss in Love Lipgloss.

The particular gloss that i am reviewing and will be featured on this post is Lancome Gloss in Love Lipgloss in the shade Violette Paillette 383. 

One unique thing about this lipgloss is that it has a click-to-open packaging instead of screw-to-open like any other lipgloss usually carries. 

How cool is that?!

And it has a curved doe-foot applicator which makes application to be neat and precise! I feel really comfortable putting this on my lips because of the curves that fits snuggly as i move it around my lips!

Here's a closer look of the lipgloss. It's a pretty shimmery pink, with a choke load of glitters. It's not the kind of glitters that you'd hate, but enough to make a statement on your lip.


The pink color doesn't really show up, but what i like to do is to layer this liploss on top of my lipstick to make it much more party appropriate!

The formulation promises six hours of moisture and colors, and non-sticky feeling. I do believe so, i haven't had any problem wearing this lipgloss.

Now, i ALWAYS carry this lipgloss on my purse. Whenever i go, this lipgloss goes along with me. Wanna know why? 

Because this lipgloss can amp up your whole look in just a single swipe!

 One time i totally forgot that i have an important party to attend, and only have a red lipstick and this Gloss in Love lipgloss. Sure, i can slap the red lipstick and perhaps can get away with it, but the shine on my lipstick is not at all impressive.  

Luckily, i have the Gloss in Love lipgloss in my purse. I swipe it to my lips, and voila!! Look at how shiny and glam my lips look.

Everyone in the party thought i prepared for a long time before the party, and not a single person guess that i just did the whole makeup in under 5 minutes. That's the beauty of bright lipstick!!

Here's my tip
(based on my experience): during the holiday, you usually are busy visiting relatives and stuffs. Now, your day makeup usually consists of very neutral shades, and nude lipsticks. Using this lipgloss, change your day makeup to night makeup or even party makeup! You don't really have to retouch your eye makeup, because wearing a bright lips goes very well with simple eye makeup.

And again, doing eye makeup takes much more time than swiping a bright colored lipstick and a shimmery lipgloss, right?

Here's more FOTD using Lancome's Gloss in Love no 383 Violette Paillette on top of The Body Shop's Color Crush lipstick in 115.

And have you heard about the upcoming Lancome collection to be released this holiday? I am going to find out about the whole collection, so make sure you follow me on twitter @beatrixosdilla for the full scoop of the collections!

Until then, stay fabulous!

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