Reporting LIVE from The Body Shop Event; Color Crush

Hello girls (and probably some boys)!!

As i speak (or rather write) right now, i am in The Body Shop Bloggers Gathering Event at Senayan City, Jakarta doing the very first (and hopefully many more to come) LIVE BLOGGING wohoooo!!

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So today some Indonesian Beauty Bloggers are invited into this event from The Body Shop as they also introduced their Color Crush products. This Color Crush products consists of Color Crush Lipsticks and Color Crush Eyeshadows ranges with their tagline 

“Get A Crush On Color”.

The first product that i am going to introduce is the Color Crush Lipsticks. First of all, the whole range consists of 24 fabulous shades that delivers color-payoff so beautifully. The 3 main color shade ranges are; the brightest red, the sweetest pinks, and the finest nudes. Looking at that alone you can be assured that you can have a lipstick suitable for your every needs! Be it a glamorous girls-night out, or a casual brunch with family, these Color Crush Lipstick is going to be the answer.

Second, it contains cherry seed oil and Community Fair Trade marula oil infused in each and every lipstick, making it so buttery and glides on smoothly on your lips (don’t forget moisturizing, too!). The best pigments are selected for each lipstick, creating an intense color-payoff in just a single swipe.

Third, by choosing this lipticks you’re doing good deeds at the same time! Color Crush Lipsticks are using Community Fair Trade marula oil, extracted from marula fruits as the cooperation with Eudafano Women’s Co-operative. By buying the Color Crush Lipstick, you are supporting 1750 women in Eudafano Women’s Co-operative to gain better income for their family. Doing charity has never been so colorful and fun!

The second product is their Color Crush Eyeshadows. This is what i anticipated the most! The Color Crush Eyeshadows carrying 30 whooping mono shades, from elegant beiges into shocking brights, ranging from all kinds of finishings from shimmery to matte. They can be applied dry or wet for more vibrant and intense look, and also blendable to other color, creating unique eye-looks that you can only imagine. The pigments on these eyeshadows are sent directly from Italy, and also infused with Community Fair Trade oils.

What’s more, is that both Color Crush Lipsticks and Eyeshadows are 100% cruelty free! It means that the colorants in each and every products doesn’t come from any parts of animals, and using mineral mica instead. No animals were harmed on the making of these products, that’s what The Body Shop can assure you!

Swatch, swatch, swatch! Hands are full of 'em swatch!

Now as for the event, after arrival, me and other beauty bloggers then asked to do our own makeup using Color Crush Collection, both their lipsticks and eye shadows.

All of us beauty blogger then hustling to find the perfect eye and lips look. Look how serious they are!!

And then the event started as the MC introduced Ratu Ommaya as the representation of The Body Shop Indonesia. 

Do you know that The Body Shop Indonesia is the official makeup line for Jakarta Fashion Week 2013? 

And once again, The Body Shop Indonesia supports 100% Cruelty Free for animals!

And this is the look that i made for this event. I call this Glama-Vamp. A poor twist of Glamour and Vamp lol.

The Eyeshadow that i used was Grape Expectation blended outerwards with The Body Shop's Eyeshadow Blending Brush.

The lipstick is called Crazy Sexy Crimson number 125. It's a deep red that's very appropriate for Fall. 

The BB Cream that i'm using is The Body Shop's All-in-One BB Cream. I LOVE THIS BB CREAM!! Look at how flawless i looked! #estatic

More selca using this look. :D

Whoooottt hahaha this is the very first time i'm doing Live Blogging, and i have to say it's very fun to do!

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia for inviting me and other beauty bloggers, and do hope the best for me for the competitions (pssst, the prize worth more than 12 million rupiahs. Say whooootttt?!)

Until then, stay fabulous!

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