Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil Teaser


How are you guys doing? Finally, a product review! Today I am going share my current hair condition, since I haven’t been talking about it for a while.

My hair got beaten up A LOT. I mean, really.. I have been playing around with colors and highlights, etc only to find that my hair is screaming for help. Here’s a photo to show you how bad it looks

Dull, and some uneven colors appear.
I have been coloring my hair any color brown-ish. From a very dark brown to light brown bordering into dark blonde. But recently I went back to black, because it turns out to be the best color for my skintone.

And as it turns out, dyeing your hair that many times REALLY makes the texture of your hair goes frizzy and dull!
My hair problem is mainly the dullness. With the dullness, my hair looks dead! Like, really really dead.  I want to have that shiny hair

Like this? Oh and btw this is the color to die for!

But worry not, Makarizo has developed a new product called MAKARIZO Hot Ice Mineral Oil. Intriguing huh? Just from the name, I couldn’t really figure out how this works.

Well, I am just going to tease you with this post because there’s a full separate report coming, so be sure to check that out.
And I am going to close this post with this photo, hoping you would be even more curious about the product

Yes, it’s sitting in ice! Okay I’ve revealed too much already. If you want to know the full review, keep your eyes on my blog because the post is coming soon.

Stay fabulous


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