Event Report: Pond's New White Beauty Event


How are you doin'? Today's post is about the recent beauty event that was held in Hotel Mulia Jakarta by Pond's.

The event was held at 25th September, in Narcissus Room, Hotel Mulia Senayan. If you're curious, please click read more!

Upon arrival, i was greeted by the lovely Nadya Mulya as the MC for the night. She was dressed accordingly to the dresscode; "Transluscent Pinkish White".

You must be wondering what is Transluscent Pinkish White, why does it matter? 

Ms. Indriani as the Senior Brand Manager for Pond's Indonesia explained the term Transluscent Pinkish White.

Nowadays. people takes much more concerns about their skin, and being fair skinned apparently is not enough. Pond's is introducing the term Transluscent Pinkish White which translated to be Jernih Putih Merona.

A fair (white) skin is not enough. For a glowy, healthy and radiant skin, it has got to be transluscent and pinkish. I actually would kill for a transluscent pinkish white skin, because they look so much healthy and cute!!

Hence, Pond's relaunched their White Beauty Line with new active ingredients to help Indonesian women achieve the Transluscent Pinkish White skin!

Ms. Indriani, Senior Brand Manager Pond's Indonesia and Dr. David Birtwistle as R& D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever for Southeast Asia and Australia.

Dr. David then explained the active ingredients infused in the new Pond's White Beauty which are; Korean Ginseng and Saffron!

Why Korean Ginseng? 

For many years, people drink ginseng tea for health and long live, as it is well known to be the reliable source of anti-oxidant. It is also known for flushing out toxins out of your body, promote skin cell regeneration by increasing oxygenation to skin cells, also has the effect of boosting blood circulation. Being free of toxins, the skin can gain better complexion as well.

Why Saffron?

Saffron flowers can help diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation on our skin. It is a very expensive gourmet, but you can find its active and beneficial ingredients on Pond's New White Beauty! 

Dr. David also gives a demonstration showing the changes made by the active ingredients of Pond'sNew White Beauty.

See how the crystal gels become transluscent? Cool, eh?!

Now, into the products. Pond's New White Beauty comes in 2 types: Day Cream and Night Cream. The Day Cream has a powdery finish, so that you can wear it underneath your foundation without having to use primer because it can act as a makeup base by itself.

While the Night Cream is more moisturizing, and i really like a moisturizing night cream since i sleep in an air-conditioned room, it keeps my skin supple and moist in the morning.

If you want the full review of both these products, i would make it in a separate post for you.

And lastly, all beauty bloggers are posing together, yay!

And just when i thought the evening was over, Nadya and Ms Indriani came into the stage to announce the best dress that night. I barely listen because i was busy calming down Jesslyn, and man oh man some girls were dressed to impress that night, i thought i barely even have the chance! 

But then 

I WON!! 

And Pond's was soo generous that night, giving not only one, not two, but THREE Kate Spade bag for the winners!! WHAT?! 

Okay la, excuse the emotional outburst, but i really thank Pond's (especially Ms. Indriani since she was the one who chose me) for this. A Kate Spade bag! OMG, i can't even..

After that, we are then presented with soo much food and snacks. And may i say, best table setting ever?! Everything is soo color coordinated, and cute!

And lastly, me posing on stage with Pond's New White Beauty products.

Don't forget to visit these links for further info on Pond's products

And that's it! Thank you Pond's Indonesia, it was a blast!

Until next post,

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