Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Me Up & Coral Crush


*if you've watched "Megamind", y'know what i'm talking about*

How are you? Told ya' i'm gonna be back blogging frequently. Today's post is a review of a not-so-new-on-the-market product, but it's a new addition to my makeup stash!

Say hello to:

Coral Crush and Pink Me Up!! 

They are both lipsticks from Maybelline Color Sensational collection. I love Maybelline, especially their wide range of mascara *gotta have 'em all!*

That's exactly how i met these two babies! I ran out of my Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, and decided to buy a new one. Then i laid my eyes on their lipstick display. Long story short, i ended up buying 2 of them. 

This is actually just a classic story of my life *ehem*.

Moving on!

I have to say, though.. I didn't regret buying these two, because they're great!! Go ahead and check my review on them.



The lipstick comes in a semi-transparent cap, but they somehow resembles the color tone for the lipstick itself. That's quite handy, but when you have 2 lipsticks (or MORE) that has the same color tone *for example Coral Crush and Red Porcelain* you still have to check the label in the bottom or open the cap. 

The packaging is quite sturdy, i've dropped mine a few times and they're still good. 

BUT, they are not resistant to scratches AT ALL. Mine got scratches everywhere already *i bought them 2 weeks ago*. But as long as it doesn't break apart, and i can still uses what's inside, i guess it's fine.


Now don't you get your hopes up high, thinking i would type all those ingredients and analyze them one by one. HAH! I'll just post the picture for you.

There you go. To be honest, i never take a look at what's inside of the products that i use, I just don't give a damn. That's bloody ignorant of me, but i do. 

The ingredients sticker also acts as a seal for your lipstick, so peel it before you want to use it.


Pink Me Up (045)

The best way i can come up to describe the color is a muted nude pink. Not as nude as you'd think, but it's a pretty fool-proof color for everyday usage. Blends in nicely with my bare lips' color *i have quite a pigmented lip fyi*

First off, i love this color so much! Never thought i'd fall into it, but i really like how it makes my whole look  complete without looking too much. It just compliments everyday makeup nicely.

The formula is nice and creamy. I didn't find it drying, and the color did stay for quite a long time. 

Coral Crush (515)

This color was so pretty when i swatched it in the counter! It's a red with lots of coral in it, really compliments my skintone. 


Once i bought it and applied it on my lips, they leaves patches of color on my lips instead of gliding smoothly like i hoped it would be. It really wonders me, because i have no problem with the texture of Pink Me Up.

It can be tricked, though. Just make sure that your lips are moisturized properly before using this lipstick, and you're good to go! Scrubbing your lips beforehand is also a nice idea. 

A bit unimpressed with the texture, really. But then i get over it because the color is just pretty.

Here's the swatches of the two lipsticks on my hand. I'll post some FOTD using these lipsticks soon!

The color shown here is quite true to the real color, although the Pink Me Up has a bit more pink than what it looks on the picture.


+ Pigmented enough
+ Quite affordable (79.000 IDR a piece)
+ Quite sturdy packaging

- Inconsistent texture 
- Easy to scratch 

Overall, it's quite a decent lipstick to have. You can get it easily at Maybelline counters, i believe they have the ones with pearly and shimmery finishes, too? Not too sure, though..

And that's it!! Hope you enjoyed it, and as always, comments and critics are mostly welcomed!


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  1. Warnanya yang coral crush cakep bangeett.. ^_^

    1. Iya ceee tapi sayang agak patchy dia ga se smooth pink me up hehe

  2. aku punya yang coral crush, engga patchy sama sekali sih di aku, tapi kok rasanya warnanya beda ya di rumah sama wktu swatch di counter x_x hehehehe curiga salah beli nih x(

    1. waduh? hahaha tapi labalnya coral crush juga ga? coba di ceek hahaha

    2. label yang aku punya coral crush tapi mungkin pas di counter nyobainnya yang lain x( atau mataku aja kali yang eng ing eng huahaha

  3. I am so gonna use this too!

    Thanks for the review, darling

    P.S: What do u think about man who uses lipstick? :P

    1. Glad you like it! I think they're just the same as women who wears men's perfume. lololol it's just makeup anyway :)

  4. aaaaa warna pink me up nya keceee :D

    1. Iyaaaa buat daily looks cantik banget. Udah jadi penghuni tetap makeup bag aku hohoho

  5. Warna nya bagus ya.. Kmrn lewat counter nya.. Tapi cuma lalu lalang aja saya nya.. Nggak tau bagus begini..

    Salam kenal mba..
    Can we follow each orther?


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