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Well, hello!!!

Ah it's good to be back for blogging, i have to tell you i really miss blogging. Hope you guys are missing me, too. So today's post is an event report for the grand launching of Vaseline's new body lotions. If you're curious, click read more!!

A glimpse of both Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair and Healthy White Insta Fair body lotions.

A couple of weeks back, i was invited by Fashionese Daily to attend this Vaseline Insta Fair Event. The event was held in De Canter Wine House, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, on 27th of June. The event was supposed to start at 5 p.m. and i totally freaked out i would be late (i am that kind of blogger that freaks out easily), but the event got delayed a bit. Once arrived, i met some other beauty bloggers and Female Daily members, all looking pretty and fabulous.

Once the event started, we were asked to be seated in the dinner table, and served with foods. I'm not a food blogger, so i really can't say much of the food. In my life there's only two kinds of food; tasty and even tastier lol. 

But of course i have to snap some of the foods, it's kinda part of my job lol.

While we ate, 3 keynote speakers were there to explain about the new Vaseline Healty White body lotions, all according to the area of their expertise. 

 Hilda Kitti (Vaseline's Brand Manager), Dr. Eddy Karta SpKK (Dermatologist), Vivi Tri Andari, Technical Management Manager PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk

First, Ms. Hilda Kitti  as Vaseline's Brand Manager explained that statistically speaking, 70% of Indonesian women already put body lotion on their skincare routine, and 60% of them use a whitening body lotions. 

That is actually quite a big number, and i have to say, i am one of them. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you must've known this already; i am a sucker for anything that claims to whiten any parts of my body. All my skincare and bodycare products have whitening claims all over it, even my deodorant and toothpaste!

Except for shampoo, though..

But apparently, living in a tropical country such as Indonesia, you need more than just a whitening body lotion, you also need the ones that can protect you from the harm of UV rays. And some of us women also wants the result to be visible in a short time usage. Is that even possible?

Dr. Eddy Karta SpKK explained that to have a brigther looking skin, you have to take a body lotion that can do both brightening and also protecting your skin, so that it works from inside and outside the skin. For the day lotion, use the ones that has SPF to protect your skin, and don't forget to put body lotion at night, too!

During the night, your skin do most of it's work to regenerate this skin cells and repair what's damaged (it's safe to say that our skin is a nocturnal kind of worker). But, it won't be doing it's best work without sufficient amount of moisture. So, use a body lotions that provides enough moisturizing agent, especially if you're sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

Seems like a lot of work to do, eh? Fret not! Vaseline has come up with the solutions of both our day and night needs. Behold...


The new Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair and Vaseline Healty White Insta Fair body lotions.

So what makes these two babies different from any other body lotions out there? Ms. Vivi Triandari explained that Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair is enriched with Skin Micro Reflectors that can brightens your skin immidiately after every usage, and also comes with Protective Triple Sunscreen that guards your skin from the harmful UV Rays. 

Skin Micro Reflectors acts as a light reflectors on your skin, so that it can optimize our skin's ability to reflect lights, making it look brighter in an instant, and evening out your skintone at the same time.

And they are giving us live demonstrations, too! All the beauty bloggers are busy capturing the difference for Before & After Vaseline Insta Fair body lotions. Me? IDK why, this body lotion does not work that well on me, but i am going to make a full review on both products, so stay tune for my final verdicts!

Ka Ichil and Ka Putri Kansil

Ka Hana and Ka Priscila

Lastly, Dr. Eddy explained that Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair contains Bio Active PPAR, a receptor that highly relates to Hydroxy Stearic Acid that can help the process of regenerating your skin and also keeps the moisture of your skin.

Before the event ends, we have a little game of cake decorating, with a MAP shopping voucher as a prize. Just by hearing the game, i'm already pessimistic. Count me in for decorating people's face, but cake? That's a whole new level of decorating for me. So this is what i've come up with

It's a pretty lazy cake decoration, really. Done in a swift 2 minutes,the MC asked me what inspires me to make this decoration, then inspiration strucked me. I said the chocolate represents the people that hasn't tried Vaseline Insta Fair, and the cake is... well the people who has tried it. A bit advertising won't hurt, eh?

And it turns out, I WON! I FREAKING WON THE CAKE DECORATING GAME. My mom would never believe this. 

Apart from winning the game and own some MAP shopping voucher, it was a very nice event! One little thing; when you invited some flocks of beauty blogger or social media addicts, prepare to see us tweeting..

and tweeting.....

and tweeting....

all night long lol.

I actually do some live tweets of this event on my personal account @beatrixosdilla. Do follow me if you haven't already, i do tweets to let you know whenever i have a new post on my blog, now that Google followers is gone #sobs. 

And that's it! Thank you Fashionese Daily and Vaseline for inviting me to this magical event.

And follow their Twitter Account @VaselineID for further infos about their products or any kinds of promotions.

P.S. This is a very mini giveaway for my beloved readers. I have one Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair body lotion for you to try out FOR FREE! The requirement is simple; 

1. Follow Vaseline's Twitter (@VaselineID). 
3. Follow me on Google+ or Bloglovin
4. Comments on this blogpost telling me your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Bloglovin account. Make sure that your account is not protected and set to public, otherwise i can't verify that you have done this.

And that's it! Pray for the best and i'll pick up the winner on July 25'th, and announce it via Twitter by mentions. I'll send the body lotion for you to try and review for free!

Stay tune for my other blogpost

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