I'm Not Dead! ..... yet.


Yes, as the title suggests, i am so happy to tell you that i am not dead yet. YES, i am still alive, YES, i am still blogging, YES, it's still a struggle for me to juggle the time, and isn't it amazing for another blogger can keep write stuffs every other day? (a sweet thing called commitment, darling), and NO, i am not abandoning this blog.

It's just that i've been travelling (separated post is coming!), there's final semester exam, and i've been working in Pekan Raya Jakarta, the biggest, if not the most anticipated event for all Jakarta residents. 

The work takes most of my time, though.. I've been working round the clock, and once i got home, all i wanna do is take off my makeup and snug into bed. 

But no, tonight i'm gonna spare some time just to tell you that this blog is still running, and believe me, there's an interesting project coming up, and i'll be sure to post that!

Until then,

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