Review: Makarizo Texture Experience "Black Chocolate" Shampoo and Conditioner

Whoaaaa two product review in one day, i repeat, ONE DAY! I'm on a roll!!

Fret not, i have been using these for a while, it's just that i haven't really got the time to review it all, not that i have some free time laying around, why not make it useful?

After i've reviewed the Makarizo Texture Experience Black Chocolate Cream, now i want to review the Shampoo and Conditioner. Go click Read more!!


Packaging wise, meh.. Both of them.

I kind of love the fact that it has a pump bottle, you can control how much products you want to take. The pump also have a simple lock system to avoid spilling unnecessary products. Thoughtful!

 But it's in white... WHITE! 

I guess it's alright, but the conditioner is some kind of brown-colored, with all the spillings and stains, i guess the bottle won't be pretty for a long time. 

See the stain in the Conditioner bottle? That's what i'm talking about. I guess you can always wash the bottle after using, but really, why the double work? I hope they'll repackage in a dark-brown packaging, that way we will have the bottle as pretty as we first bought them.


Okay, first is the shampoo. Well, you don't need me explaining how to use a shampoo, right? It's just a usual  type of shampoo. And it's transparent!!!

See? And i thought, well maybe this has no scent whatsoever, since it's transparent, right? NO. 

It actually smells the same as the Texture Experience Black Chocolate Cream. Very yummy and tempting. The smell sometime makes my stomach grumbles a bit. 

As in how it lathers, it's not the best full-on-lather shampoo i've ever encountered, nor is it the worst kind. It's floating right in the middle. If you have a super dirty hair, might as well do the shampoo-ing part twice.

The good news is, it's not drying my hair like crazy. Some shampoo have a very drying effect on my hair, sometimes it just goes BOING. This one is pretty moisturizing.


Since i've reviewed the Creambath Cream, some of you might be wondering "If i used the creambath cream, when should i use the conditioner?" Well for me, i use the conditioner after the creambath cream, so shampoo - creambath cream - conditioner.

The conditioner is also smells like chocolate, hence i say it can be a bit overwhelming for some people, especially if you do use the whole range of products.

The conditioner's consistency is ... well, it's quite runny for a conditioner. I usually use conditioner that has more stiffness in it, so this one is a new thing. Not a moisturizing as i hoped it would be, but i've seen worse, so..

Oh yeah, it is not the worst kind of conditioner, and if you have a not-so-damaged hair like mine, you can still use this alright. 

Also, this works the same as the creambath cream since it's also colored, don't forget to wash away stains and spills on your bathroom before it dries out and takes longer to clean up.


Not the best shampoo and conditioner if worn alone, but if you intend to use the creambath cream, i recommend using these products beforehand, so that the scent lasts longer.

+ Pump bottle
+ Smells really good
+ Helps the creambath cream's scent to stay longer

- Not so much of a lathering or moisturizing
- You can rarely see this being sold on supermarket 

p.s. Tulisan ini dibuat untuk mengikuti lomba Blog dari  dalam Rangka partisipasi Event MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.


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