Review: Makarizo Texture Experience "Black Chocolate"

Hello!! Following my previous post about Makarizo Hair and Fashion Festival 2013, today i am going to review one of the most famous and talked-about product:

Makarizo Texture Experience in Black Chocolate.


The packaging comes in a square with a sturdy enough material that i actually carry it from my home to my rented room, and back without so much of a scratch. NICE!!

The design is so simple and sleek, on the top is a brown screw on lid, and once you open it, you'll find a Makarizo seal to protect the products inside.

My only complaint is the fact that the hole for this product is a tad bit too small. Although i can still scoop the products out, i just wish it to be a bit bigger. 


Once i open the seal, i take a whiff and totally overwhelmed!!

The scent is very much resembles chocolate cake, with a hint of vanilla? I don't know, if you ever had chocolate cake, remember the scent, concetrate it 5 times lol. It smells really good.

I find it that sometimes it can be overwhelmingly sweet for someone, especially if you're applying this in an enclosed room. And added to the fact that the shampoo and conditioner also smells like this.

But as overwhelming as it can be, i actually loves it!! The scent also stays on my hair for quite a long time.

 As in the moisturizing effect, i notice that my hair is visibly smooth, and tangle-free for 2 days. My scalp also become less oily!

To really gives you an estimation of the texture of the products, here are some that i swatched in my hand. The product itself is very stiff, almost like butter, and very emollient, too. For my shoulder-length hair, i usually have 2 handfuls of this cream to really covers all my hair.

As you can see the cream is heavily colored in dark brown. Upon applying i was afraid it'll leave me some tint in my head or around my hairline. Fortunately, it didn't.

But once i washed all of the cream off my hair, i found that my bathroom floor is full with brown-colored water, and so does my bathroom walls. 

Reminder: do wash those brown-stains right after you took showers, once you leave them overnight, you'll find it a bit harder to remove.


I LOVE THIS!! Smells good, and since my hair is not that damaged, i think this products shows a great benefit. But, as for you girls who have damaged hair, i don't think this is moisturizing enough. 

But the main purpose of this product is to give you a more positive mood after a long and tiring day, and this product does that alright! 

+ Smells really nice
+ Comes in a BIG tube
+ The scent stays for a long time

- Can be overwhelming for someone
- Not suitable for ultra-damaged hair
- You won't find it laying around in the counter of supermarket


p.s. Tulisan ini dibuat untuk mengikuti lomba Blog dari  dalam Rangka partisipasi Event MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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