Review: Makarizo Texture Experience Body Scrub in Seaweed

Yello'!! Still back with the whole Makarizo products review, after reviewing the Dark Chocolate series, this time i am going to review;

Makarizo Texture Experience Body Scrub in Seaweed.

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The packaging is more or less the same with the Makarizo Texture Experience Creambath Cream's. The only difference is the size. While the creambath cream came in a humongous 500 gr of product, this body scrub weighs 150 gr.

The label said that it is infused with Seaweed extracts that can moisturize your skin and with its microscrub, it'll make your skin looking whiter and felt smoother.

Still with the screw on lid with the writing "Texture Experience" embossed in it, only this time in green, since it's the Seaweed version. The packaging is sturdy enough for me.

Once you open the cap, you'll find Makarizo seal. And i was quite stunned, the hole for digging out the product is quite small, isn't it?

 See? This is after zoomed out. The hole also have some rough edges around it. I guess it'll be a bit hard to empty the whole thing with a hole this small.


I have to say, i am a sniffer. I am a big lame sniffer of all things that i put in my body. I always sniff and smell all things, and this product is no exception.

This body scrub actually comes in 3 variants;
1. Seaweed 
2. Black Rice
3. Deep Sea Mineral

When i first take a whiff at the Makarizo Counter, i have to say i don't really like the scent. It smells like cheap soap. I prefer the Deep Sea Mineral, but the BA said that when it comes to body scrub, it's much more important to choose for its function rather than how it smells.

And you know me, i am such a whitening products whore, i blindly choose the Seaweed for its claim in Skin Whitening! 

Sadly, when i got home i thought "Shoulda choose the deep sea mineral one, it's still a goddamn scrub, it'll whiten my skin alright"

So yeah, i have been using this products a few times, kinda surprised about how thick and stiff this body srub is. Just look at the texture that i managed to swatch on my hand.

It's very thick! But the scrub is really really small, almost like nothing. Maybe it's because i have been using scrubs that has bigger beads in it, so this feels like nothing on my skin. 

But it does makes my skin softer after usage, so i can't really complain.

The scent didn't last that long (thank God, because i don't really fancy the scent), and as far as the whitening claim goes, well it's a body scrub, i never encountered ones that really whitens my skin in an instant either, so yeah...

But it's suprisingly moisturizing! Some body scrub tends to dry out your skin like crazy, right? I used to compensate that by using body lotion AND body butter right after i done scrubbing. This one didn't dry my skin like Sahara desert, i only have to use body lotion afterwards, yay!!


Well, this is not the best body scrubs ever, but after i think about it, i do reach for this scrub more often than my usual scrub because of its moisturizing effect. So if you're looking for a mild exfoliation and more of a moisturizing experience, i do recommend this scrub (except the scent, i totally go with the Deep Sea Minerals lol)

+ Moisturizing Effect
+ Mild Exfoliation
+ Thick consistency

- Don't really like the smell (although this is purely personal)
- A bit hard to dig the products out

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