Review: Makarizo Hair Energy in Aloe Vera

Still with the Makarizo Products review! Gosh it seems endless, isn't it? Fret not, i only have 2 more products to review! 

This time i'm reviewing one of my favorite product from Makarizo;

Makarizo Hair Energy with Aloe Vera

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Packaging wise, this products is quite basic, square tube with a screw on cap. The one that i'm reviewing is the Aloe Vera variant, hence it is green colored. I believe there are 3 variants, each with its own color packaging and functions;

1. Aloe Vera for Normal Hair
2. Kiwi for Colored Hair
3. Royal Jelly for Damaged Hair

The packaging is a bit thinner than Makarizo Texture Experience in Black Chocolate's, but i find that is not really a problem, haven't found anything to complain about the packaging


First time that i use this product was in sachets, and one sachet it a bit too much to use in one go, but not quite enough for two-time treatment. So i decided to bought the tube version, so that i don't have that kind of problem anymore lol.

Ever since i first used it, i fell in love with how it smells. It smells just like bubble gum, so much sweet and uuurrrggghhh sometimes i brace myself not to lick it. The scent is sweet and as i said earlier, so bubble gum-y, and suprisingly lasts for 4-6 days on my hair. Also, it get rids of my lion-hair after frequent usage. LOVE!!

The texture is a bit runny than what i thought it would be, but it's still in a cream formulation, which is nice. You don't really need too much, since the product will be massaged and steamed anyway, so use it as needed.

The Aloe Vera variant is formulated for normal hair to prevent hair-aging
Do you know what hair aging is?

Apparently, aging does not only occurs in your skin, but also in hair. The signs of aging hair is:
- Thinner hair
- Dull of feeble hair
- Coarse hair
- Un-managable hair

There are so many reasons for our hair to be aging, for example;
- Pollution
- Hair dryer constant application
- Hair Chemical usage
- Sun rays, and so on..

And not all of us can spare some time every other week to go to a beauty parlor for creambath or hair mask. And let's face it, some beauty parlor clearly overpriced those treatments that you can actually do it yourself at home!!

That's why i've been using it loong before the Makarizo Hair and Fashion Festival even begun, and been loving it ever since. 

Almost hit the bottom in this one, planning to repurchase this.


My favourite product, really afforadble, but shows a great result, and the scent stays on for a long time. Recommended!

+ Personal favorite scent
+ Scent lasts really long
+ Gets rid of un-manageable hair 
+ Makes my hair smooth, fresh and smells really good!
+ Has this "cooling effect" on your scalp

- Can be overwhelming for some people
- A tad bit too runny.

p.s. Tulisan ini dibuat untuk mengikuti lomba Blog dari  dalam Rangka partisipasi Event MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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