Review: Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Instant Treatment

LAST POST of all the Makarizo Products that i have!! Wohooo!!

Okay, i have to admit, reviewing Makarizo products has been a very fun and interesting experience for me. Now that we come to the end of the series, i am so excited!

This time i'm going to review one of the best if not the most best-selling product from Makarizo;

Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Instant Treatment
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Such little tiny transparent tube!! Seriously, this is very small, each only contains 8ml products. It looks just like the Makarizo Advisor Hair Repair Mask, only this one is the tiny version (packaging wise).

Usually it comes in a package of 3 or 6 tubes. I notice that if you buy the 6 tubes package, you'll get 3 free tubes, so it's quite a bargain, isn't it?


As in the product itself, i really love this along with the mask repair! I find that although it is small, it's actually really concentrated, so you really just need the tiniest amount of product.

At first i was skeptical, i mean how can a product so little can do anything to my hair (that i highly suspects has a mind of its own)? Turns out i was wrong!

I usually use just a pea-sized amount for my whole hair (medium length). This product smooths and makes my hair frizz free, and keeps odors at bay!

The best time to use it i would say is after shower, right when your hair is half-dry or towel-dry. Then, you can blow dry or style it accordingly, it'll add shine to your hair and eliminates frizz.

On the other hand, DO NOT apply this on dry hair, it'll just makes it looks sticky and all yucky.


Why, i do love this! I am planning to add this to my hair regimen from now on. It keeps my hair free from frizz and keeps it smooth, too!

+ Keeps your hair smooth
+ Affordable
+ Has a nice scent

- Can be a bit sticky if used dry

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