Review: Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Mask

Yup, i know, 3 reviews in a day, talk about crazy and a bit of a workaholic (if you can ever call this as working, well some people do).

Bear with me, please, it's just that i only have the time to gotten around reviewing these products, and i've used them throughout the week.

Okay, i am going to review

Makarizo Advisor Hair Repair Mask
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Comes in a transparent tube, usually in a package of 3 tubes, and you can see the cream is actually yellow colored. 

Underneath the tube you'll find that it's actually a flip-out tube, and you're supposed to squeeze the product out.

I actually have nothing against the packaging, it's simple, sleek, small enough that you can bring it along to travel, and the whole squeeze thing is just perfect for the product's consistency. It's just that i wonder why they didn't package them in a bigger tube?


Again, i'm a sniffer. Once i get this product (and this is actually the first time i ever use this mask) and take a sniff, i am torn between loving or hating it. 

As a matter of fact, i still can't decide whether or not i like the scent. But it's actually pretty universal (???) scent, like a floral-kind of scent. 

The mask is very dense and stiff!! Whoaa just look at that! It's also pretty moisturizing for my not-so-damaged hair.

 The directions of use clearly state that you can also use this mask as a substitute for conditioner, and i tried using this both as hair mask and conditioner, i found that it is most moisturizing when used as a mask.

So my advice would be; upon usage, let it sit on your hair for a while, would be better if you have some warm towel to wrap your hair with, a steam machine would be even more better. But if you have neither the time nor the equipments, you can always use it as a conditioner.

After 3 days of using this along with Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Instant Treatment, i find that my hair is getting much smoother, silkier, and has much more shine in it. It also smells really nice! And usually it gets sticky really quick, but after those 3 days, it's no longer that sticky YAAAY!!


I LOVE IT!! Along with the Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Instant Treatment, it's such a perfect combo. Note: i don't have a super damaged hair, i think the effect on this product really depends on your hair condition.

+ Affordable
+ Really moisturizing
+ Really lives up to its claim

- Can't find anything to complain lol

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