Hair Makeover by MAKARIZO Indonesia and Little Tips to Pick Hair Color!!

As you know, i recently join the Makarizo Blog Competition held by Makarizo Indonesia. You can check the entry posts all over my blog, and i am very proud to say that "I AM ONE OF THE FINALISTS!" Wohoooo!!

As finalist, i am invited to try treatments by Makarizo from which i can choose from; coloring, perming or rebonding.

I have done a keratin treatment before, so obviously rebonding is out of the choice, and since i already have curly hair ever since i was born, perming isn't an option either. That means i'm left with coloring, which i am more than happy to do because my previous hair color has worn out of me.

Here's my take on the treatment, also some tips from me and colorists of Makarizo Indonesia for picking the best hair color for you. Enjoy!

Once arrived, we are welcomed with this banner. It's that little thing, but i feel really appreciated and well... welcomed!

We are getting our treatment at Lutuye Salon at Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, South Jakarta. It's very reachable, and once you've stepped in, it's very cozy and the interior is quite chic.

Upon my arrival, Mbak Putri as the PR of Makarizo greeted me and offers me some snacks. I was asked to wait for a bit, since the other finalists were being treated as well.

And finally, my turn! Allright, so i actually have dyed my hair before. I do it with a DIY hair dye with the help of my friend as a second pair of hand. I did it around late November, now the color has worn out and the ugly black roots are coming out. The color that i used was Dark Soft Brown.

This is my before hair

The ugly black roots. Ugh..

And then i am introduced to one of  Lutuye's colorist named Mbak Suci. She greeted me and asked what color that i would like to have. 

I have a very strict rules in my house that says


Yes, my parents are being very strict upon my appearance, but i have no problem with that. I personally want an ash brown color that'll looks very natural on me. This is the first tip for choosing hair color


This is pretty important before deciding any color for your hair. 

If you have an olive skin, never opt for a very light color, because it'll appear fake. If you have a pink undertones, choose an ash color (which has a green undertones) to neutralize your skin coloring. And if you have a very strong yellow undertones, avoid gold, yellow or orange tones.

I have a a slightly yellow undertones, and my skin is not that fair, it's NC 30 on MAC. Hence, might want to avoid ashy tones for my hair. And since i want to stay as natural as possible, Mbak Suci recommends me the 5.0 Light Chesnut shade.

She said it'll look very natural because it has the perfect mixture of red, yellow and very little ash in it. I totally surrendered to her professional knowledge and succumbed. 

In order to achieve the color Mbak Suci mixed the color 7.3 Golden Blond and 8.1 Light Ash Blond. I was a little bit shocked since i clearly said no crazy color, and the tube has Blond written all over it!

 But then Mbak Suci calmed me over and says, because i didn't want to bleach my hair, she should opt for a very light color, otherwise i can't the color that i want (which is kinda medium brown). That brings us to tips

#2 If you don't want to bleach your hair, choose the shade that's lighter than the color intended.

Especially if you have a naturally black hair and you want to have a lighter color. So to simplify it;

Black Hair + Blonde Hair Color = Medium Brown
Black Hair + Medium Brown Color = Dark Brown 
Black Hair + Dark Brown Color = Barely anything noticeable, might as well save the money for anything else.

The hair color that i am using is Concept Makarizo. What makes it difference from any other hair coloring out there? First of all, Concept Makarizo is infused with choke loads of nutrients starting from Vitamin C, Rice Protein, Royal Jelly, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Pro Vit. B5. It is processed with Italian Technology that has Micro-crystal pigment technology that ensures all the color pigments are being locked in your hair for a longer color and much more shine.

For the developer, Mbak Suci decided i'll use the level 20. The level of the developer decided the ligtness of the color. Since i opt for medium brown, Mbak Suci picked level 20 for me.

After the hair color is being applied to my hair, i waited 30 minutes, then my hair is shampooed with MK3 Deep Treatment Shampoo, then Mbak Suci gave me this Restructure Serum which helps to lock in the color just applied and helps to retain the smoothness.

On to the styling process, she applied both of this anti frizz and multi vitamin spray before blow drying my hair. One quick comment about salon blow drying, it always fascinates me how professionals can low dry my hair SO BEAUTIFULLY and LONGLASTING! I blow dry my hair everyday, but never can i achieve this level of blow-drying. It's amazing what an extra pair of hands can do to your hair.

Some extra photos of the process;

Me and Meylisa in the middle of our hair coloring process. 

With Mbak Suci and Kak Mince the two colorists that helps me that day!

The lightning sucks, but that's pretty much how the color shows up, under the sunlight it looks medium brown.

With other finalists of Makarizo Blog Competition.

Personal Opinion:

Do the color shows up like what it claimed for? NOT AT ALL. Seriously, not even close. This is due to the abundant amount of red pigment in my hair, the color doesn't turns out to be a natural light chestnut color we first agreed upon. I am quite dissapointed WITH MY OWN HAIR, since it looks like it has a mind of its own. 

The color didn't change that much, but it sure adds more shine and refresh my previous hair color. I still can't get rid of the red undertones, which is such a shame.

But if you're talking about the whole hair coloring process, i'd say i am pretty impressed. The hair color doesn't stripped the moisture out of my hair like crazy, and i still maintain the smoothness and shine like i used to have. I'd say the choke loads of nutrients really do pay off for the smoothness.

The colorists are also very friendly and professional, they really listens to what i want, instead of forcing me to use hair color that i would probably hate. They actually listens to me, and guides me through the process of picking the hair color.

Thank you Makarizo for sponsoring me and other beauty blogger for this treatment, and do wish me the best of luck for the beauty blog competition!

Visit their social medias!

P.S. I'm going to be MIA for a couple of weeks forward, so please be patient. Until then, see you!!

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