Event Report: Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival 2013, La Belleza Eterna


So, last week i had the chance to attend a beauty event held by Makarizo called "Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival 2013, La Belleza Eterna" in Mall Taman Anggrek (whew, that was a mouthful). It was a really nice and (shockingly) big event. I'm not even talking about big as in huge, i'm talking about WHOOPING MASSIVE COLLOSAL kinda big. Just look at the main entrance! 

The event is held from 18-24th March 2013. It's a series of events, and the ones that i am going to report today is "The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation Talkshow". The talkshow is going to be discussing the benefits of chocolate for beauty lovers out there. 

Once i arrived, the event hasn't started already, but as soon as i register myself, the event started. First we are entertained with the beautiful Ariel Tatum.

She is so pretty, all clean-shaven legs, tall and an impossible amount of hair. 

But i still prefer the other Tatum....

LOL okay this is supposed to be a joke. Moving on to the event report before i can't stop myself staring at Channing Tatum's perfectly sculpted face.

Later on, Ariel Tatum were asked to be seated, and then the MC asked a few questions about her long and beautiful hair, looking smooth and fresh, which undoubtedly been kept into fullest condition using Makarizo products

And then come along dr. Emilia Ahmadi as a nutritionist, and Mrs. Ferina Hartanti as Product Manager of Makarizo. They are all sharing their experience in using Makarizo Texture Experience Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate is a girl's best friend. Do you know that what most people considered chocolate right now is not really pure chocolate??

Well, when i first say the words chocolate, what do you have in mind?

taken from here

Now, the one thing that you should know, you have to be able to differ real chocolate and candied chocolate. Candied chocolate only use soo little chocolate and using so much sugar, hence the sweetness. The pure chocolate is actually bitter. 

Now that kind of chocolate is very beneficial to our health and beauty! They are packed with flavonoids which can reduce your blood pressures, and cognition improvements!!

And to all of you chocolate-lovers out there, fret not, because Makarizo has the answer for all of our needs; Makarizo Texture Experience in Black Chocolate.

Makarizo Texture Experience in Black Chocolate has the benefits of keeping the moisture of your scalp, avoiding hair damage, improving the quality of your hair, and with its heavenly chocolate smell, it'll keep your mood to stay positive!

Right after the talkshow session ended, then come Melisa. She would be massaged using Makarizo Texture Experience Dark Chocolate on stage wohoo!!

This is the step-by-step pictorial of how to use Makarizo Texture Experience in Dark Chocolate to the fullest!

And you're done!!! 

 As the models walking towards the audience, i can only smell the mouthwatering chocolate smell, and almost instantly i thought "I have to get myself some of that!!!"

Luckily, the MC announced there'll be quiz with awesome prizes, and you guess it!!
I didn't win. 

Jessyln and Nia won the quiz, they got the full range products of Makarizo Texture Hair Experience Dark Chocolate, so lucky!!

And after that, the talkshow is basically done! We are once more entertained by Ariel Tatum singing one of her song while i scoot over to the counters available that day!

These are the photos of all Makarizo counters that day. Lucky me, i got some of them to try and review. Stay tune in my blog, review's coming up!!

And of course, a mandatory group shot of all IBB Members that day, looking fabulous as always.

See you later on my review posts!!

p.s. Tulisan ini dibuat untuk mengikuti lomba Blog dari www.makarizo.co.id  dalam Rangka partisipasi Event MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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