Night Whitening Treatment at Rumah Cantik Citra

Ever since i was a little girl (well, not little as in body fat, i was talking about age......... you get my point) i LOVE being massaged. But unfortunately, when i was little, the massage i received was more into therapy massages, or traditional massages that involves an elderly woman in sarong, with stinky (God knows what)  oils and mostly these kinds of massages are associated with unbearable pain.

No, i hate that kind of massages, i am so happy that i was over it.

I was talking about relaxing massages, the ones done in a clean, hygienic room, with (most preferably) pretty masseuse with petite and soft hands, the ones that i usually (more often than you think) doze off in the middle of the session and woken up fully refreshed

So many beauty salons are doing these kinds of massage, sometimes combined with body scrub, but i refuse to go there after one horrible experience with my mom. Why is it horrible? I'll tell you why; they massage you in a common room full with NAKED STRANGERS. The best that you've probably get is a separating sheets that barely covers anything. I was like, wtf, i have to be naked here?! 

It still confuses me why on earth those women feel comfortable being massaged that way. Me? Hell, i don't even comfortable seeing MYSELF naked, let alone other people!

So yeah, that's one problem. Second is, most of them are not clean and hygienic. You would probably get the same bed with the same sheets that have been used with someone before you, and who would guarantee they have no contagious skin disease??

Okay, i am being over-reacted, and honestly, not all beauty salons are like that, only the small and cheap ones. Yes, the ones that both hygienic and private are mostly expensive..... OR SO I THOUGHT.

Some time ago, i was given 3 vouchers of Night Whitening Treatment at Rumah Cantik Citra. Since i only have one body and sooo little free time, i thought why not use it with my friends? So the three of us went there, and we are so glad that we did!

Here's the full report!

Upon arrival, we are welcomed with a spacious and cozy place, heading out right into the receptionists. After confirming our appointment, we are asked to wait while they set up the room and masseuse.

By the way, some tip to book in Rumah Cantik Citra, you can only book sessions from 12.00 - 15.00 pm. Any later than that, you should just come right in. I didn't book my appointment, but i still can enjoy the treatment because it wasn't quite as crowded as usual. I recommend coming here on the weekdays.

The pricelist of the treatments available in RCC. Basically you're paying some amounts of money, get treatment, AND bringing home some products from Citra, too. Isn't that awesome?!

The waiting lounge. You know, in case you want to bring your boyfriend. At least he is not going to have to endure an hour of total boredom, he can watch the TV while we pamper ourself. Like this guy in the picture (too dark, can't see anything, i blame the sun)

This is the skin consultation desk. You can always ask for skin check before and after treatment. 

Now, entering into the treatment room. Some old Citra ads that makes my childhood memories coming right back like an avalanche. Ah the good ol' days when i sneakily try my mom's Cita Body Lotion and somehow i felt like ..... a princess #lame.

I am LOVING their interior. So modern and chic. I am thinking about installing these mirrors in my room..

Okay, so before the treatment begun, we are asked to store our bags and shoes in a locker room, and change into their slippers made from recycled Citra's package. 

Then, we are escorted to our room! RCC has 8 rooms for full-body treatment, 6 rooms for general treatments, and 2 VIP rooms. You can have either the one-bed or two-bed room.

The rooms are soooooo relaxing and cozy! They set the lightning to dim, played some relaxing music on background level, and they change the sheets for every customer, very hygienic

But before that we are asked to take a shower, so the body lotion can be absorbed fully.

The treatment that i got was Night Whitening treatment. Basically a 60 minutes massage session with their Night Whitening Body Lotion mixed with grape seed oil.

After shower, our feet was washed and lightly scrubbed with lime and salt in a bowl of warm water. I'm telling you, that is exactly what you need after a long day walking in stilettos!!

Of course i can't take pic while i enjoy the massage, i actually fell asleep!! That's how relaxing it is. And the masseuse didn't force me to talk to her, but still being very responsive when i asked questions, or when i need a little bit more pressure on the massage.

If you're into unique massage experience, do try the Night Whitening Treatment. It is said that the massage can only be found in RCC, a fusion of Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi.

After the massage is done, we are served with Wedang Jahe (don't know the english term. Ginger tea? #ijustmadeitup)

The final step: skin check and consultation! This pretty much is self-explanatory. But one thing that i notice is that the BA has the most flawless skin i have ever seen, OMG can't even...

Btw, this is my skin check result. DON'T JUDGE!! I was so stressed out lately, hence the low score in ...... well in almost anything..

That pretty much sums it all! I was really please with the service, and why yes, i do plan to get back there, soon!

Rumah Cantik Citra is located in:

Jakarta: Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo No. 36, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan (021-830 3101)
Bandung: Jl. Sunda No. 46, Bandung (022-426 2036)
Surabaya: Jl. Raya Gubeng 23 Surabaya (031- 503 8008)

Jam Operasional:
10.00-19.00 (kecuali hari libur nasional)

Thank you Citra for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this treatment!!


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  1. That's a very nice treatment :) anw just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by/follow mine too :)

  2. jadi mauuu... murah juga ya ternyata. kapan-kapan yuk bek.

    1. yuk yuk tapi naik apaaaa? dari depok paling naik kereta ke tebet, terus gatau naik apalagi -,-


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