Event Report: YSL Metro Mall Taman Anggrek Counter Grand Opening


Yello!! How you guys been? I am back with yet another event report. I know, i know, i should've put more FOTD or Makeup posts, but the light in my rented room just sucks and i am saving up for a tripod and a lightning equipment (yes, i hand-held all my beauty shots. Imagine the misery, knowing that i own a big-ass DSLR).

So, Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia opened a new counter in Metro Mall Taman Anggrek and held a grand opening party (sort-of). The event held on Saturday, 23'rd February 2013 at Metro Mall Taman Anggrek. And yes, you guessed it right, i was late. Not terribly late, though, i was like 10 minutes late, the event hasn't even started yet, so yeah.. #excuseschemexcuse

Upon arrival i met some other Indonesian Beauty Blogger, who's looking fabulous as ever, then the event started by the greetings of the MC.

Afterwards, the MC introduced us to one of YSL Indonesia's Makeup Artis, who will be doing make over for one of us beauty blogger. Adn the rest of the event filled with the MUA doing makeover on Jesslyn, and the other beauty blogger capturing images and other beauty blogger duties. 

The flocks of beauty blogger, looking fabulous as always.

The MUA introducing Le Teint Miracle from YSL #duh

The snacks were AHMAZING, i'm telling you those salmon-in-spoons-like-cookie-dough things are so good, i want to have some right now. 

I am willing to sell one of my kidney right now to trade for these babies.

Jessyln in the process of make over!

Ci Fweggy, taking picture of Yevi taking picture of Jessyln. #camwhoreception

The infamous Touche Eclat in Permanent and Limited Edition Packaging.

Now, this is very interesting. A blue lipgloss!! The BA said this is to lighten the color of lipstick worn underneath. Hmmm...

Psst.. you can see a glimpse of my Ombre nail i wore that day. 

I managed to swatch some of their Holiday Edition Rouge Volupte  Lipsticks, which literally feels like butter, omg can't even..

All of Indonesian Beauty Bloggers, woot woot!!

All in all, it was a very nice event indeed, it was always lovely to meet other member of IBB. 
Thank you YSL Indonesia for helding this event, we very much enjoys it :D


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  1. nice event! :)
    lol th camwhoreception! :p

  2. OMG Beatrixxxxxxx foto u keren" >.<
    yang paling gimana gitu yang ini ni http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vFWcS7jUY7s/UUA8zvY6fpI/AAAAAAAABe4/VnIq8sd7x7A/s1600/DSC03821.jpg
    aihhh manteb thanksss yakk :*
    o iya gw ijin save yaa

    with love,

    1. hahaha bisa ajaaaaaa jadi malu #ehek itu ada faktor modelnya juga kali :p
      oke oke makasih ya lyn..

  3. uwahhh nice event >.< klo aq disana bakal cipika cipiki nyuba" lipsticknya, apalagi yg warnanx merah, bakalan q tongkrongin lama" xD hihi btw I'm following u now, klo bs visit n polbek blog q yaa :D


    See you ^^


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