Event Report : Beauty Couture Grand Opening

A couple weeks back, i've been invited with some other beauty blogger to attend the Grand Opening of Beauty Couture, a one-stop beauty spot located in Mall Taman Anggrek. I was actually very much interested in the concept of this store, as none other have existed (or has it? Not quite sure..).

Besides, i have nothing else to do during the weekend but being a potato in front of TV watching teenage dramas with far too much makeup for their own age, long story short, i am on my way to Mall Taman Anggrek.

Maybe i haven't mentioned this on any other beauty event report that i wrote, but i always used public transportation whenever i go. ALWAYS. I know that taking public transportation in Jakarta is dangerous, not to mention the chance you might ruin your makeup, but i LOVE taking public transportation. It's not like i can't afford to pay a cab or anything, but i love the feeling of being together in the same enclosed space with strangers, and i usually use that time to observe people. You have to try it sometime, it's so much fun!

Anyway, i managed to be on time that day! In fact i was the first person to come. So, i managed to captured photos all around the counter!

Also a quick FOTD

So basically Beauty Couture have the concept of one-stop beauty spot where you can have treatments, and also buys makeup/skincare of your choice in the same spot! It's very convenient, plus you can also have a membership after purchasing with some specific amount of price, so you can enjoy some priviliges like free treatments!

There are so many brands available in Beauty Couture; Dr. Jart, Etude House, Avene, Coverderm, etc. Most of them are from korea, so if you're interested in korean makeup and skincare, this place is a staple to visit. They have testers of all the makeups and skincares, so if you're sneaky like me, you can always go to the counter, tests a few makeup or skincare before buying it.

So, on to the event; first the bloggers were greeted and then there was a makeover session in which i am totally freaking out because let's face it, i have been doing my own makeup since 2010, and since then i have never let anyone touches my face but me. Make over is something that i avoid. But due to social convention, i have to obey (OH MY GOD NOW I WRITE JUST LIKE SHELDON COOPER! In totally have watched too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory).

And then, there was a nail art class in which all of us were given a bag full with manicure tools. The class is about ombre nails with a chokeload of glitters and nail stickers. Let's see how i did.

You would thought; eh not bad! Wait until it started to slide off and become a blue thick paste of nail polish just hanging on my nails, ew. Apparently, don't know how well the instructor is, i am still sucks in putting too much layer of nail polishes.

Turns out they pick the most pretty nails from the workshop, and the winner is Ci Shella! Wohoo!!

Right after that we are showed around the counter whilst being explained of the products and their functions as well.

They also sells honey, due to their motto; "Feel good in and out". Now, we all know how beneficial honey is for our health and beauty :)

A rack full of Etude House mask sheets. I did thought about sneaking behind the counter one night and stole all the masks lol.

After being explained of all the products sold, we were explained with the treatments that we can get. But i think i'll make a different post because i'll be visiting Beauty Couture soon to redeem some vouchers that i got.

If you're interested, Beauty Couture is located on Mall Taman Anggrek Flor 1D, 01-03.


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  1. harganya sama kyk di conter" ??

    1. Harganya berbeda sedikit, kamu cek aja di counternya :)


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