Review: Pond's Flawless White BB Cream

I have wanted to do a review for some time now, given the fact that i am right now in holiday until 11'th February (oh my dear Lord, what am i going to do in the mean time?). But i am very easily distracted in front of computer! Like, seriously my attention span is shorter than an ant's leg, i might open and ended up streaming Golden Glove Awards for 2 hours instead. #duh

Anyway, i promise there'll be tons of products to be reviewed, today i am going to review one of the (not-so) new product on the market by Pond's; it's their BB CREAM!

I know, right? Pond's usually carries out skincare products, but right now they are having a BB cream. I bought the Flawless White one, i think they also had this one in Anti Ageing version. 


Comes in a hot pink packaging, looks similar to their facewash, i actually thought this one is the facewash when i bought it -_-"

On the bottom, there's this screw cap and when you open it, you'll find a tiny "head" where the products should come out. Geez, i am not getting better in describing products, i tell you.

For me the packaging was "meh..." although i have to admit it's kinda pretty with the hot pink and how they stick to their skincare theme. I didn't expect much, anyway. So, yeah...


 This BB cream has SPF 30 PA++ which is good, if you ever want to skip sunblock (which i don't recommend, really). And it only comes in one shade which is "Light". I did look for another shade, but i don't think they have it.

It is said to help provide effortless natural bare-faced look with instant natural coverage and lightens from within. We'll see about that..


As you can see, the BB Cream is quite thick, and very creamy. The above photo is how it looks like when i get it out of the tube. Despite the fact that it looks thick, i actually find this BB Cream rather easy to blend (in a pre-moisturized face). 

I's definitely build-able, but be careful upon building it up, because you may end up looking too pale.

Compared to other BB Creams that i have tried so far (mostly from Korea) this BB Cream is rather dark, and i was actually giggling in joy because i may have found the best BB Cream to work with most Indonesians' skintone! I am NC 25-30 (really depends on how much outdoor activity i have commited) and i find this not streakingly pale for my liking. YAY!

The BB Cream glides smoothly on my skin, but alas, it doesn't provide much of a coverage. I can still see my skin imperfections and such. It's such a shame, although i have to say with the price that it offers, you can't really expect much. 

Same goes with oil control. Well i may be not the best candidate to test a BB cream's oil control because i didn't have that much oil, anyway. But i find that in the end of the day, i still find oil spots on my face after 5-6 hours. But, if you have an oily face, i think this one won't do. If you're more into dry or normal skin, you can definitely try this one.

When it comes to skin brightening, this BB Cream does a good job. Itcan really gives your face a brightening effect, and like most BB Creams out there, it feels like i don't wear anything at all. It clings like a second skin, no stickiness, no cakiness, nothing. Here's how it looks like after blended in my hand. You can definitely see a difference. 

Although it's brightening, i don't think it makes my skin looks ashy at all. If anything, this BB cream may make my face looks a bit more pinkish than it usually is.

My bare face #horror

As you can see from the Before-After photo, this BB cream does not conceal my dark spots very well, but it does a good job in brightening my face. I only use a tiny amount of it and hastily spread it all over my face using my fingers. But if you're feeling fancy, feel free to use a flat top brush or a damp sponges, i think that'll do.

- Quite cheap for a BB Cream
- Available at most drugstores
- Does a good job in brightening skin
- Buildable
- Creamy
- Most likely to work on Indonesians' skintone

- Oil control? Meh...
- Coverage? Meh...

Overall, i do like this BB cream, and i am certain you would as well if you have a nice skin and only need a little coverage on your face. I wouldn't suggest it for you who has super oily skin, because the oil control is just average if not poor.

Have you tried this BB Cream? What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below!!

See you in the next post!
P.S. Have you read "50 Shades of Grey" ?! Oh my dear Lord, i am right now confessing that i have, and let me tell you that is one hell of a porn novel in disguise. But i have finished reading the whole trilogy in 3 days, so... yeah.. :p


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  1. omg, u read 50 shades of grey? i have the trilogy too, i downloaded it to my kindle thinking it would be romantic novel, and it turns out to be kind of creepy and i start delete everything hahaha

    visit my blog too

    1. As much as i hate and keep skipping the sex scene, i actually cried when Anastasia left Christian lololol

  2. i bought it and it was really expensive because the amount of the cream wasn't that much. i still prefer the korean bb cream =="

    1. really? I have been using this one for over 3 months daily, and i still can do a whole face. You really just need the tiniest amount, though..

  3. That's a good review! Thanks :D

  4. You mentioned you're from Indonesia? I so wanted to go to ypour country!!! I'm a filipino by the way. Nice review. I got one as a freebie from a media launch and can't wait to try it!!

    1. i would love to go to filipina! thanks, i'm glad you like it :D

  5. Hi, Indonesian here. (:
    Mau nanya kan aku punya moisturizer, sama ponds flawless white day cream. Maunya sih beli bb cream ini juga. tapi bingung. bagusnya dipake setelah moisturizer atau day creamnya. mnrt sis apa? (:

    1. halo, maksudnya moisturizer yg kamu pake itu pond's flawless white day cream? kalo begitu pakai bb cream ini setelah moisturizer yaa. kalo kulit kamu super berminyak bisa pake bb cream ini langsung karena juga ada kandungan pelembabnya walau cuma sedikit.
      hope this helps


  6. I like this bb cream. Its fit for me. Now my skin looks smoother and cleaner, hehe. So i think i will repurchase. You said ur skin is oily. I think its good. Because ur oily skin makes ur face looks younger.

  7. Hey I just do blogwalking and I found your blog! You are pretty anyway. Wanna follow each other anyway?
    Just let me know.


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