Quick FOTD: Red Eyeshadow

Another quick post, because i am so busy lately, i can only edit photos from my Ipod Touch. A real serious review is coming up, so stay tuned!

I was playing with my eyeshadow palette and decided to give red eyeshadow a try. It's quite tricky, actually. If you didn't blend it well, or didn't frame your eyes with black liner, you'll look like a glue-sniffer

120 color eyeshadow pallete 
Black Eye Kohl Pencil
Fake lashes
Contour powder

What am i trying to pull, i have no idea.

Say yes to beauty filter!!

Damn, i look hot #selfpraise 


P.S. I am right now seriously pissed about my girl-moustache. Should i get rid of it? some people say i shouldn't. what do you guys think?

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1 comment:

  1. waw you look really seksehhhh, hehehe, aq suka foto yg trakhir, exotis bgt , hahaha xD



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