I'm Officially Part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger!

Well, as the title suggest, HURRAY!! I finally got my logo for Indonesia Beauty Blogger (IBB) today, so excited!

So the rules are, you can get your blog on the list if you have been blogging consistently (at least 3 beauty related posts in a month) for 3 months, and you can get the logo if you have been blogging for 6 months.

I think this logo represents the consistency for some bloggers, a pride even. But certainly not something to be bragged about, because once you get the logo, doesn't mean that you are better than the ones that doesn't have *yet*. Furthermore, recieving this logo makes me think; "This is it, i cannot turn back now. All i can do is moving forward and keeping my best to produce great posts". It's some kind of responsibility that you have to bear. Oh gosh, this is getting deep and i don;t know what i'm saying lol.

I actually have been blogging more than 6 months, but gotten around to really blog just lately and dare myself to request the logo *still don't know what i'm saying*.

Over all, it was a good day, and i realized that i haven't posted anything worth reading lately. Ooopss my bad! But tomorrow is my college online registration day, known as SIAK NG War (If you're enrolled in University of Indonesia, you'll get it). So, i am going to be in front of computer and internet all day, not to do reviews, but watching all videos on JacksGap channel instead because i have a huge crush on both of the twins i'll just be around.

This week is going to be one hell of a busy week, so please stay tuned!!


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  1. Wahh selamat yaa ud jadi resmi IBB, aq jg pas dapet logo ini seneng bgt g nyangka blog q bs dapet logo, haha iy, stay tuned beatrix xoxo


  2. cara dapetin logonya gimana si say? kudu daftr dulu kah?


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