IBB January 2013 MUC : Must Have Red + Tips on Finding The Right Red Color!!

Wohoo finally got a chance to join IBB MUC for this January 2013! This time the theme is "Must Have Red". Coincidentally, red is my fave color wohoooo!! That, and the fact that i just bought a red lipstick from Revlon. It was their Super Lustrous line, i think? The cheapest one. BUT, the color payoff is soooo good!

I really think every girl of all skin type must have at least one red lipstick on her makeup stash. Why? Because it is soooo versatile, and the effect can be pretty amazing, too! You can easily amp up your whole looks just by applying red lipstick on and voila!! You're ready to go. OR, you can sheer it out so it can be wear daily. 

My suggestion for you who is new on makeup is finding the right shade of red for your lipstick. This is soo easy, as long as you know what to do!

Click read more to find out how!

First: determine your undertones!

If you don;t know already, girl, where have you been?! Go and find out right now! The easiest way for me is the Wrist Test. Take a look at the veins in your wrist under a natural light, and check the color. If it's blue then you have a Cool Undertone. If it's more into Green or Olive, that means you have a Warm Undertone. Can't tell the difference? Okay let's move on to the other test; The Accessories Test. Which would best suits you, Gold or Silver? If Gold suits you better, then you have a Warm Undertones. And if Silver compliments you better, then you have a Cool undertones. Still cannot determine because your veins looks both blue and/or olive and you can rock both Gold and Silver? That means you have a Neutral Undertones! You can wear both Cool or Warm colors as you wish. 

Second: Pick your Lipstick!!

This is the fun part. Now according to the test you've done above, you can select the red lipstick with the color that suits you best.

Warm Undertones: You can easily rock Lipsticks that has orange hue ( Coral, Terracota Red). MAC Chili and Lady Bug is quite nice or if you're aiming for lower prices, NYX Black Label in Cherry is a good option as well.

Celebrities with warm undertone: Beyonce.

Source: here

Cool Undertones: Pick red lipstick that is pinkish and/or blue-based. For Example is the MAC Viva Glam, Stila Longwear in Lover, or NYX Black Label Tribute to Marilyn.

Celebrities with cool undertones: Anne Hattaway

Source: here

Whoaaaa that was long! Okay i really hope you find the perfect red shade for yourself, now i bought a red lipstick that is so very versatile and can works for both Warm or Cool Undertones. It's called Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Love That Red (725). 

Since the lip become the main attention, i keep my eyes natural but still defined, nothing crazy. The fake lashes are individual lashes, and no blush, just contouring the cheek a little bit.

Then idea struck me and i make some simple updo and add a beauty mark. lololol
Tell me which one do you like the best, with or without updo?

If you are IBB member and want to join this competition, hurry up! 
Best of luck for whoever joins this competition.

What do you think of this look? Tell me in the comment section below!

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  1. wah, cantiiik deeehhh..love the color on your lip babe...exotic banget!
    good luck ya sayyy..


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