What's In My Makeup Bag?


Today i am going to share about things that currently in my makeup bag. Stuffs that i put into my makeup bag usually changes from time to time, but as for this time, i am gonna stick with this combinations.

I think it's very important to look after and pay attention to what you put in your makeup bag, because either you'll pack too much (which happens most of the times with ladies) that you'll have no more room for other less important stuff #ehem, or you'll pack too few that whenever you need to touch up, you'll come to realization that you can't.

 Now that, is what i called as the end of the world as we know it.

My makeup bag is a brown kangaroo fur bag that my father gave to me from his trip to Australia. I can't decide whether it is faux or real fur, well let's just hope that no kangaroo is harmed for the sake of this post.

Opening up my makeup bag! I was going to make some kind of stop-motion movie, but was too lazy to, so yeah here you go.

Just basic skincare; facewash, moisturizer and sunblock. I cannot leave my room without sunblock, and this sunblock from Skin Aqua is really good! Also it lasts like forever and fits in most size of makeup bag.

I'd like to bring facewash and moisturizer along because when i say touch up, i mean starting all over from the scratch, means that i have to completely remove my makeup and moisturize first.

My tips for packing skincare in your makeup bag is to find the smallest size that you can find, samples are even better. That way you don't have to carry the fullsize products that will cost you a lot of spaces!

For face, i have 2 jars filled with Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation Moisturizer and a random foundation/bb cream of my choice. Currently i have Skinfood Mushroom BB cream in my makeup bag.

Jars are also a nice way to store liquid makeup in your makeup bag because it's going to save a lot of space! Sure it's not really hygienic, but like i said before, i always wash my face before doing touch ups, so my hands are clean *or so i hope*.

I usually put the Olay first because it is some sort of tinted moisturizer, but with less coverage. Next i'm, using my foundation/bb cream as a concealer, only to cover some acne spots and blemishes. 

Less is always more!

For cheeks, i cannot leave either one of these three behind. NYX Rouge Cream Blush which i have gotten around to love it, Cha Cha Tint from Benefit that i adore so much, and the newly-bought-and-reviewed Rivera Face Shimmering Powder.

Well of course i didn't use it all at once! I usually picked either the cream blush or tint in the morning, and adding the face shimmering powder whenever i decided to go out in the night time. You know, to add more drama, they said.

As for daily makeup, i don't use eyeshadow. I use eyeliners and mascara instead. The mascara is My Darling eyeliner that i really love, and just a random mascara from Maybelline that i totally forgot the name.

For lips i use Nivea Fruity Shine Lipbalm in Strawberry and Lip on Lip Watershine Color in Strawberry Red. I kind of coming back and forth between these two.

Other stuff that i packed along in my makeup bag is an Acnes Point Clear for my active acnes, and Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve which is very moisturizing (i just hope that it comes with some scent, you know). 

It's just that because i like to reapply the Acnes Point Clear into my active acnes once in a while and reapply the hand salve, too. My hand is can be easily dry especially in AC room.

That's All!!

Sure it's not much, but that's the point, you only bring the essentials to save spaces. And i always recommend using a makeup bag to store all your makeup, because throwing it all around in your bag is not a good way to keep makeup. 

Beside, it looks much more neat this way!

Tell me what's in your makeup bag in the comment section below, i'd like to know!


P.S. am going to be introduced to a company that sells Japanesse Beauty Supplements this Friday, do wish me luck, and reports coming soon, so stay tune!

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  1. your makeup bag is so cute.:D

    as for me, i can't go out without carrying blotting paper and lip butter, occasionally i bring my pact along. hehe.

    nice post. :)


  2. lengkap banget!! ^^

    folback yah :)

  3. Like ur cute makeup bag....
    And so completely stuft....
    Follback me

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, ladies! :D

  5. where did u buy that chacha benefit tint? im looking for that.. so many korean artist used it...

    btw, im new follower here.. follback if u dont mind:)

  6. Bought it in Sephora Singapore, but i'm sure you can find it in online shops that sells stuffs from sephora.com


  7. widiwww, skin aqua nya sampe kebeset2 gitu ya saking cintanya (?) wkwk. nice bag ^^

  8. Monic: Naaaah itu kamu tau, mon. Yang dari event skin aqua aja belom aku buka. awet banget padahal dipake secara brutal tiap hari hohohoho

  9. makeup bag nya lucu bangettt... And the Rivera face shimmering powder nya bikin penasaran deh hehe ;)


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