Sponsored Review: Kinohimitsu J'pan D't Juice

Oh my God, i cannot believe i haven't said 


It's just that i have been so terribly busy with the final semester exams and take-home tasks, essays, journal reviews and blablabla.. I don't even have enough time to take care of myself! 

Sometimes i sleep without cleaning my face first because i slept in front of my laptop trying to understand a journal or simply a powerpoint file for the tests in the following day. Hence, need to say no more; ACNES. Lots and lots of them. #horrorface

And right after the hectic week of final exams, here comes the holidays filled with indulging chocolate cakes, roasted pork (which is THE BEST of the season), other delicious meals, and worst of all; COCA COLA

All of these foods are giving me such massive bloat on my stomach, and i feel so "dirty" inside, you know. With all those food filled with guilty pleasures, i need to cleanse my digestion system away from toxins!

That is when Japan Detox Juice come into the rescue!!

What is this?

A mix of Plum, Rosella and Cranberry Juice for detoxifying your digestion system as fast as one bottle consumption.

 If you're suffering from:
1. Poor digestion, stomach bloating
2. Fatigue, low energy
3. Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies
4. Bad breath, body odor
5. Headache, migraine

This might be the product for you! The box clearly writes it is suitable for you who have a busy, stressful life, irregular meals and eating processed food (uh huh, guilty as charged), and constant exposure to unhealthy environment; air / water pollution.

No fat! YAY!!!

Look at this cute man-poop on the toilet. Don't laugh because this drink really makes you wants to go to the toilet (and poo, of course).

The box contains 3 little botlle of juices, each one is 30 ml. They are packed in an amber colored glass bottle, to ensure best quality juices to your hand. 

They are claimed to be 100% natural, no additive, means no coloring, no additional flavor whatsoever. Kinda curious about Sorbitol and Manitol contained in it though, is it still considered natural?

Oh, they also have a GMP Certification and Halal Certification, and also safe for our vegetarian fellows out there. Originally it was designed for 6-days detox program, so you can buy another box for a full 6-days program.


Okay, enough for the product details, now carry on to the review. I have been drinking this detox juice and i must say: I AM REALLY IMPRESSED. WOW. 

First of all because it really does what it claims for as for making you want to poop. On the first sip, the taste is sweet. Not overwhelmingly sweet, and it leaves a clean slate of tounge. The sweetnes doesn't stays on or lingers on your tongue. I guess that's a good sign meaning the sweetness is natural. It feels like fruit juice, i only feels a tiny amount of cranberry flavour in it.

On the first day i drank this before  i go to sleep, and went to the bathroom in the morning of the following day. Here's the picture of my poop on the first day:

I'm kidding.

I thought it's gonna be like those laxatives pills, that leaves you feels uncomfortable afterwards. But this is different, it feels so good, and it feels like i lost several pounds lol.

On the second day it was the same pattern, i drink it before going to sleep, and go to the toilet in the morning. But on the second day i feel very heaty, like everywhere i go and everything i do, even the lightest task, i sweat so much. I also peed a lot. So i guess they works through entire excretion organs. But i feel so refreshed, like really refreshed. 

The third day and also the last day, the peeing and sweating has reduced, along with the amount of excretion of my poop. (is it disturbing if i keep saying poop? lol) and yes, my stomach is not so bloated anymore!

As for blemishes and poor skin complexion, i didn't see much of a difference. But i do feel my skin is slightly clearer, though. Very slightly.

This product does what it claims for, and i am so happy for the result, they are amazing and i feel so good about my digestion system. And you are advised to do detox once you feel like it, or once every 6 months or so. 

Keep them in the fridge for a more tasteful experience!

Where to buy it:

Watson's, Guardians or Century outlet nearby. It retails for Rp. 135.000.- for 3 bottles.

Thank you PT. Natural Nutrindo for providing me with this product to be reviewed, and although this product is given to me, that doesn't affect my thoughts about it in anyway. Please check my disclaimer bar above.

Next to be reviewed: Kinohimitsu UB Drink, so stay tune!

Talk to you guys soon

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  1. bek... gua pengen tau sejarah lu bisa nyemplung di dunia make up2an iniiiih. bikin postnya dong atu buat guaaaa. udah lama sekali kita ga berceritaaah :'<

    1. diin hahahahaha iya nih lo lagi di jakarta apa gimana sih? ketemuan please

  2. aaaaaaaa jadi pengen coba ._.
    bedanya yg ini ama yg UB apa?

  3. Really want to try the cranberry one ><

    anyway I just nominated you for Liebster Award
    check this out

    keep it up <3


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